Business Management


To manage in the real world managers need to know how to find, research and write about academic theory and concepts using management texts, academic journal articles, and reputable government and industry sources.  The following Report Preparation Tasks will help you learn these skills and assist you to prepare for the final Individual Business Report (Assignment 1 Part B). Specifically you will learn to:

•    Plan your Individual Business Report (Assignment 1 Part B) by way of your proposed Table of Contents (TOC);
•    Use academic ideas, theory and concepts(in other words theory and concepts from textbooks and peer reviewed academic journal articles )to help understand, analyse and critically examine real world organisations;
•    Find peer reviewed academic journal articles relevant to understanding management;
•    Develop your academic and business writing skills;
•    Provide Deakin Harvard style in-text citations and a reference list;
•    Ensure your answers meet the requirements shown in the assignment marking rubric.




The above-mentioned organization is the trading name of two food companies namely, Australian Health and Nutrition Association Ltd and New Zealand Health Association Ltd. Both of the organizations are belonging to Seventh-day of Adventist church.
This Australian Health and Nutrition Association limited has been classified as the large company and having the operating revenue as more than the 300 million dollars (Hansson, J., Höög, E. and Nyström, M. 2017, p 345).

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As per the first product, Sanitarium is allowed to operate during the morning session. The company has established in 1898 and it has won a flagship product like Weet-Bix. The company is stood at the top position for this product.Sanitarium of New Zealand and Sanitarium, Australia became two separate companies yet, those two organizations are working together.As per the mission was concerned, the organization has established to provide the community healthier as well as better life.  The time is a most important factor to them along with the talents, resources for supporting as well as for serving others. In case of long-term, the organizations are working as the partnership firm and they are inviting as well as encouraging other food companies to come with them tomake them larger.



There are over 16,000 Cambodians have to get the opportunities from the two rear program of partnership with the Sanitarium as well as the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).The research and development staff under Sanitarium has found to manage $56,000 for investing purpose. It is thus provided with affordable as well as highly nutritious meals. It is also encouraging to empower the communities for running the other small business (Sanitarium, 2014, p. 3). 
According to Manager John Menzies, a Senior officer at the Sanitarium Research and Development group has the desired to work for local Cambodian communities for the adjustment of other for enriching the return as for the investment has been done.In Cambodia, it has been noted that malnutrition is the main problem and almost 40 percent of the Cambodian children whose age are under five for the developmentally stunted (Thus, 14 percent of those children are severely stunted with the result. They are subjected to the six months of the tenure in which the malnutrition under pregnancy issues through the organization of the doctor. 
From the year 1860, the church has begun for the wholeness as well as the health on the emphasis of the Adventist church. Those Adventists are thus known for their presentation of the health message which is more relevant under this process for the vegetarians. Thus they are willing to check with the kosher laws in terms of Leviticus 11 with the general Christian lifestyle(Seventh-day Adventist Church Inter-European Division 2018, para 3- 6).



Hansson, J., Höög, E. and Nyström, M., 2017. Action research for multi-level facilitation of improvement in health and social care: Development of a change facilitation approach for a local R&D unit. Action Research, 15(4), pp.339-356.
"New Zealand Health Association Limited (1503254) Registered", 2014, New Zealand Companies Office, p. 67-74
"Sanitarium gives its profits for charitable purposes". 2013, Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company. P. 3-50
Seventh-day Adventist Church Inter-European Division, 2018. ADVENTIST EXCELLENCE: THE SANITARIUM HEALTH &WELLBEING COMPANY, retrieved 9th April 2018, available at :

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