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This report discusses about the utility of Google Trends as tool that has helped millions of users over the world to find out the most trending topics over the internet. It shows the various search terms those are popular over the past few years. It is helpful for an individual as well as for an organization to understand what the modern trends for a product or service are and that might help in making effective decisions. Google Trends offer the biggest real time dataset available in the world. It helps to depict the topics that the people are currently interested in (Rogers, 2016).

Body of the Report:

The above graph shows that the sale of the Windows OS has declined over the years. Once it was the most popular and widely used OS that was the basis of operation for systems. However, the emergence of the Android and other operating systems has made the popularity of the Windows OS fall. The Android OS offers much variety with the support to a large number of applications. It is most popularly used in the modern smartphones and supports a variety of applications to run. Therefore, the mobile phone users are getting more addicted and inclined towards the Android OS as compared to Windows which does not offer much variety.

Floppy Disk:


The floppy disks were extremely popular when they first came into the market as external storage devices. They were able to store small volumes of data but had the issues of data being erased automatically or often the system not being able to find the data on the disk. The other problem with it was the extremely small storage space that is insufficient in the modern context. This led to the fall of the device in terms of popularity and as depicted by the above trend analysis graph, its demand and popularity has decreased over time with the emergence of much larger and dependable storage devices such as external hard drives (Dvorsky, 2014).

Artificial Intelligence (AI):


The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’ refers to designing of machines and systems those have the decision to think and react accordingly. In other words, AI is the intelligence possessed by the machines. It implements the complex mixture of various domains of sciences, mathematics and computer sciences. Various complex programmes are installed within the system that makes it possible for those machines to think and act as human beings through logic and reasoning. The use of AI can be extremely useful for humankind because it reduces the chances of human errors and can ensure speedier delivery of various tasks or services. They are now being widely implemented in various sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, etc. The graph shows the growing popularity for AI (Reddy, 2016).


The Blockchain technology is one of the most widely used and popular forms of crypto-currencies. The virtual currencies are developed based on this modern technology. It can be referred to as the decentralized and digital ledger technology that helps to record all the business transactions without the requirement of financial intermediaries like banks. It facilitates in digital payment processes and is a main stay for the financial services sector mainly. There are various reasons due to which the popularity of Blockchain has increased over the years. Some of those are its transparency, decentralized process, reduced transaction costs and networks those are controlled by the users. These are the major advantages those are reaped by the organizations using the Blockchain technology for digital payment processes (Williams, 2017). 


On a concluding note to this report it can be said that Google Trends is an extremely useful application that makes it possible for the users to understand the trending search terms in real time. Therefore, it indicates the topics those mostly attract the people across the world. It is an indicator of the kinds of products, services and technologies those are in demand by the modern consumers. The report has discussed about four such trends, two of them showing negative growth in Google Trends in terms of popularity and two of them depicting positive growth in the popularity. These are the Windows OS, Floppy Disks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, respectively.


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