Burning Dreams on the Sun

Question 1. 

In my opinion  community is defined as the group of people who are having diverse characteristics that are linked together with each other by the social bonding, by sharing the same perspectives of thinking and engaging together in a joint action within the defined geographical setting. (Hunter,2017)No, the community is not merely the group of people who have joined by the fact of living together in the small geographic area. There are several ways by which the groups will be held together for the formation of a community by sharing the common perspectives and interests that help in contributing the sense of community as the persons involved in it have the same passions, interests, opinions and activities. The community can be formed within the geographical area in terms of sharing common ideas and beliefs by working together in the same domain of interest. Another form is the joint action which is described as the source of cohesion and identity, in which the persons are working together share the same resources so that they will contribute in making the one community with the same group of people.

Question 2.

The stereotypes that have been associated with the truck drivers in the poem ”Burning Dreams on the Sun” is that the poem indicates that the truck drivers are not allowed to dreams ,and they have to be obsessed with the long trips that keep them away from their homes (Adewumi,2015). The poem also states the fact that the drivers are dazed by the turnaround loads, which involves loading and unloading for the trips which are never-ending and they don't have any time for their families or the personal life with the use of these line,” Were there too many turnaround loads, distance measured by all-night diners, ”Cleary’s poem refuse the stereotype by stating that people have to dare and act on their dreams. Cleary is against such stereotypes and he stated that individuals have to move forward and work on their dreams. The poem shows the truck drivers as the hero in the poem as the poet compare the truck drivers with the Greek Icarus, who dare to fly and manage flying before met with an accident. Icarus and Dedarus are seen as the creators of the flying objects, as their courage leads to the invention of aircrafts. So this thinking shows that the truck drivers also show their courage as they also know the danger that has been involved on the roads.

Question 3. 

In the poem “Outcast” the poet uses the rhetorical triangle for analyzing and evaluating the poem as the poet uses the first quatrain of the sonnet to express his appeal of ethos by expressing the desire of being in the mystical conception of Africa, from where his father belong and he would love to live in peace and darkness. (Leavis,2015) in the way of logos the poet that he compares the native world of Africa with the "Alien Gods" by making comparison in a logical way by showing the tragedy of the loss from the gulf separation, by linking them with the words white and Black to   show the attraction of white aspect of western culture in comparison to the self-determined capability of Blackness. (Moorthy,2017) In terms of pathos, the poet shows the emotional appeal in the way of loss that he has suffered from the destruction of the gulf by separating the world by the terms White and Black. (Wolfe, 2016) .In my opinion the poem is showing more the ethos as the poet is dealing in it in the emotional context , by taking the example of separation of gulf , which makes him emotional and takes the poem to the appeal which connects the poet to the reader.


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