an effective manager



What does it mean  to be  an effective manager.?


Managing diversity at the workplace is being regarded as one of the most significant topics which are becoming a matter of concern for those enterprises that are planning for global expansion (Trittin & Schoeneborn, 2017). In order throw further light in the respective topic, an article written by Michalle E Mor Barak is taken into consideration. This report will give an answer to the question that what it is required to be an effective manager? 
In accordance with the given context, the main points which are written by Michalle in the article are highlighted below:
•    The firm should employ equal right law with an aim to manage the diversity of the workforce in the workplace.
•    The type of leadership style which is being adopted by leader also plays a very critical role in the process of diversity management. Herein, the author has given the suggestion of transformational leadership.
•    The firm should adopt the policy of cross-cultural communication with an aim to establish an effectual relationship with a diverse workforce.
For the purpose to examine my effectiveness regarding becoming a manager in the firm I have carried out my own analysis. Communication and influential skill are my major strength. Here, I have the capability to carry out the work from other individuals. I have strong influential skill with the help of which I can convenience and influence people to work with others. These all things will assist me in becoming a good manager in future. Furthermore, I am a good listener too. Herein, I give the opportunity to other to confront their views and opinions with regard to a specific issue to me. I understand carefully each thing which is being communicated by other people to me. However, before presenting my opinion in relation to a specific issue I think twice. 
In addition to this, I prefer to use a democratic type of leadership style. This is because I believe that it is very important to get views and opinions of people before reaching on to the specific decision. Through this way number of opinions will be generated in relation to particular issues within the organization (Al-Jenaibi, 2017). The given thing will assist in resolving the problem of an organization where I will work in future. 
The skills which I possess are compared with the characteristics of the leader which are identified in Michalle in her article. Herein, the author has stated that with an aim to manage diverse workforce individual should follow transformational leadership style. It is the type of leader which encourages and inspires its followers for doing work. This is an effective style for managing diverse workforce because the leader of such type does not discriminate people on the basis of their gender, religion, and caste etc. Thus, the given thing will motivate diverse workforce to give their best to the corporation. I also prefer to follow the democratic type of leadership style which is almost similar to the one identified by the author. Furthermore, the author has stated that manager should follow all the equal rights principle within the firm in order to manage the diversity of employees. In this regard, I found myself a very ineffective because I don’t have any knowledge about diversity principles. However, this does not mean that I am not ready to learn this also.

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Moreover, the author has stated that manager should adopt cross-cultural communication approach (Barak, 2016). It is the activity which is used to mitigate cultural differences by using means of gestures, body language, and language. In this regard also I found myself ineffective because I am not good at using my gestures and postures with an aim to communicate the specific thing to other (Cascio, 2018). 
Thus, it can be said that with an aim to become effective manager all the qualities which are mentioned above are required. With the help of these qualities, goals, and objectives of enterprises will be achieved in an effectual manner.


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