Advantages and disadvantages using social network in Business

Advantages and disadvantages using social network in Business


The social media and social network is useful tool for all kinds of business that can be useful different kind of business tactics. The social media use as marketing tool and it is effective tool also which provide results and feedback also. At same time the social network use for business activity is essential for competitive business environment. 
The online world is rapidly evolving with business due to competition and people are attract toward the online shopping and social media. The business development team of organization have to take part for business direct or indirect for attract customer and promote product to customer individually. Thought the business development have to face challenge of intellectual property and articles was found over the past many years. the use of social media and social network for product marketing is increasing day after day. The social media and network also affect to business if business expertise have comment or share information regards to organization whether 
It may be positive and negative. 
The journalist and business expertise who tweet them opinion and comments on the internet for others need to be aware that they could be subject to law suits. 
The social network like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other social networking side are mostly used by youngster and above the age of 30 and 40. Usually those person who are aware with smartphone and internet, majority of them use social networking site for own purpose. The business organization also take part as technology develop. People can buy and sell any product through social media is not necessary that persons are belong to specific is not just use for business purpose, the social network site use for person, professional and education purpose. The site also keep connecting peoples to chat, calling, share pictures, images and many more. People can develop own page to distribute own blogs and comment about the specific information which is usually not available for any source. the social networking site Facebook is one of the most accessible site among the entire world. The Facebook self-5th community among the largest community of people. As users increases and technology developed there are always negative side which cannot avoidable. If business people consider social media as tool to connect with people then the social media also disaster for business also and they may be terminate entire business structure in short period. 


  • To discuss about pro and cons of social media for business peoples and customer.
  • How business developer deals with social media in order to attract customer and promote product? 
  • How social media itself invite downfall for any business? 

Project scope: 

The article provide both side of social media whereas positive and negative.  The article discuss about the how social media and new technology affect the business development and invite downfall of business in short time. How the business promote their product individually to customer and how business expand through customer and customer group circle. How expert advice impact on product and also it affect the business growth and customer interest.  

Literature review: 

Social media and internet are two popular technology amount the entire business world. These are the technology which helps to bought together peoples and put into same platform, these platform provide to executive the business ability and joint people to change business to business communication, business to customer communication and customer to customer communication.  The aim of the reports is to provide positive things about the social media and negative things of social media for both customer as well as business developer. 
The social media is one of the biggest platform for marketing, it also called e-marketing. The social media provide platform to connect people world- wide. The business developer easily found their current and potential customer. Facebook alone have 1.13 billion users and these are the large the 5th large community among the world community. (Dabbagh, N , 2017) All kind of peoples who are aware with technology they probably use YouTube directly or indirectly, personally or professionally, for knowledge purpose or for study purpose, for entertainment or for fun purpose. YouTube social site majority access by any users. So the YouTube also provide good opportunity for business expand, develop and aware about the product to customer. The YouTube advertisement play significant role for marketing and promote organization product or service.  Twitter and Instagram have millions of users and the social network itself one community. It is not rule and compulsory that business organization can use single platform and single account in order to promote product or deal with the customer. You can create multiple account in order to promote product and sell product as per client comment and client likes about the product. (Fuciu, M, 2017) 
One of great advantage of all kind of social media is that these can be easy to access and free to create account. It is also free to upload images, video, chats, conference. Video calling and many more option that provide detail idea about the product. So the organization only need to invest time in order to promote product as maximum as they can.  There are no expire date for any social media account, users can use that site life long and available 24 x 7 days.  Sometimes there are paid website for advertisement, but it is not necessary to use paid website in order to attract customer. This also useful for those business who provide service. 
The social media use as encourage the product by sharing. The uniqueness of social media is that not only you but your follower also get inform about the business product or service. They are able to get information about the product if they follow the page of that company or product, also customer get information and updates about the product as company provide update, there is not necessary to inform each customer about the product. Although people most like to share thing with their networks by sharing photos, video, articles and hot deals. It like automatic marketing, it’s like marketing through customer, it’s like marketing through connect like with network. Usually the format of internet marketing have follower and paid advertisement have additional benefit for organisation.  (Kane, G, 2017) 
This marketing tactics are frequent and effective compare to traditional marketing strategies. The social media give frequent and effective response, also provide customer like and dislike, customer choice and interest, the organization can promote product or service as per client comment. 
The social media help to increases brand loyalty, they attract the people to look towards the brand value. The social media provide platform to enhance business and give platform to express loyalty.  According to survey and research the social habit shows that around 55% of citizen of USA which have huge amount of followers and users they would like to remain loyal for these brands. The social media provide two communication that permit customer as well as organization make strong relationship for potential customer. The relationship development and raise brand value may encourage organization future and helpful for organization. 
The social media also helpful for getting information about the customer choice, selection and potential customer would like to purchase that product or service. (Leonardi, P.,2017) 
This way business person will take smarter decision in order to promote more product and attract to potential customer. Example like the social listening allow business person to find the way of how people feel about your product and your opinion about the brand. Through the social media, the business person can directly deal with the potential customer with the help of chat, audio, video calling and other many more feature of internet. Through the social media, the organization can improve product and feature from getting comments, likes and dislikes.  The organization can easily decide the target audience and potential customer about the product in order to promote more attractive product and make product as per customer feedback and requirement. The product expand automatically by like, share and subscribe so potential customer can express them interest and share in their group which useful marketing tool which 10 to 100% efficiency. 


It is true that social media is the best platform to attract and hire potential customer. as user can share about the business product and liked about the product or service  but they also select to share dislike and negative comment about the product. This way if potential customer attract and hire in short time but also they can invite downfall of business product and service by negative feedback and comment. 
The social media is free for everyone whether for business purpose or for fun. The social media users have free to access what they want and what they like to interest for product or not. That means they satisfied with customers or not and in opposite unsatisfied customer comment negative with the rain of negative words which spoil image of organization reputation and other product also. It is not only about the customer but it can happen from your organization employees also. Some of frustrated and hurrahed employee may take social media as platform and apply their frustration by providing negative comment about the organization. That create bed scene and affect the image of organization. That look bed for company. 
The social media have potential for embarrassment. It is easy to access social media, there are no specific law that you cannot write about the organization so buyers and any other person who are associate with organization can post whatever they want to post and whatever comes in to his mind. There are consequences for business and entire group of customer because if one person put negative comment than entire group read and apply his thought.  For example, if pizza shop do not consider their condition like if customer did not get pizza in 30 minute then pizza shop have to sell pizza without receive price from customer, but if they deny to give pizza without considering that condition then social media must use : #PIZZASHOPFAKEADD#  This may viral among the entire groups and other person who like to have their pizza regular basis. 
Through the social media if relationship with customer develop quickly then it can be brake immediately by dislike, negative comments.  The twitter is ahead in this kind of case and share negative comment about product and service and get frequent reply from other users as well.   Business relationship with customer and trust about the product from customer side always takes a time to maintain and it is necessary to maintain relationship with customer in order to develop business. If business have limited resources and small team to manage customer, it is difficult to maintain image about the business if any negative comment and negative review about the product and business. There are no limit or specific rules that restrict organization to upload information, blogs, chats, video and images, this way customer have many product at same time and cannot find which one is suitable as per requirement and he or she may get confuse by visiting many product at same time. 
People like to monitor each social media network and updates, they also provide questions and feedback, also post valuable update. That is deciding factor to purchase product or not. Some people also view this a drawback, the social media comment and view helpful for product purchase or not and this way negative comment influence the people to do not purchase product. The negative comment invite business downfall in short duration. 
Sometime more promotion and more sending massages, post and update might be irritate for potential customer and from the result of that, potential customer may dislike post, negative comment or may exit from the business post. The business organization can use social media to promote their product but cannot pressurise to purchase the product. 
The cybercrime also interested to get information and connect with organization main security system through internet source. They also provide vulnerable source which affect the computer system and entire network of business organization.  They are cheat to customer for the motive of money. The frustrated and cheated customer create scene by twit or negative comment about the product and this may spoil reliability about the product from customer.  Some fake websites also use brand name of any organization in order to cheat customer and that affect to the original brand value of business.  The social media also use as tool of betrayal if person or employee may treat by organization badly.  The person or employee can create fake account intentionally to spoil reputation of business.  The social media may not safe, a smart and knowledgeable Hackers can hack company page and post negative and personal post on social media pages in order to destroy organization reputation. Sometimes more pages and more promotion of product may annoying for customer and due to frustration they create negative scene. 


Social media and website is a revolutionary idea with the great future for upcoming scope for advancements. The social network provide opportunities to all kind and all size of organization, many organization use these opportunity to enhance product in competitive market. Organization are have no better platform to convey they massage and inform about the uniqueness from local product.  The social network can use for advertisement and communicate with customer without third party interference. 
With considering all advantages, the problem arise for the security, information leakage and information overdose. Social media have not specific pattern that how much information collect and drawn into social page. If information have huge amount then customer or users might be confuse and irritate. Security might be another issues for information share and leak concern. The cybercriminal also use this platform to access information and leak personal information which harm business organization. the upcoming future social media and social network looks very helpful for business but at the same time they have to face some issue which cannot avoid and cannot deny. 


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