Advancement and Improvement in Technology



Can Google home and virtual assistants actually assist in useful work functions?


Literature Review 

Virtual assistance and Google Home is assisting in performing many functions in the organization and in personal life. Advancement and improvement in technology increased the work efficiency. As now it becomes the needs of the hour to keep updated with regards to technology. Nowadays technology becomes the lifeline for survival. It can be very well said that Google home and virtual assistance helps in performing a various useful function. Due to improvement in technology Google home has launched the new and convenient app and system which can store and send the voice message or data to the cloud and client can assess the response in his language through NLP that is natural language processing software. Google has developed the smart speaker which enables the users to interact with the client and manage the services. Through Google Home virtual assistance can be possible.
A voice assistance device such as Amazon Echo and Google Home works 24*7. It used to record the voice data and process it then finally transfer it to store in the cloud. Google developed a device which continuously works 24*7. It processes and detects the sound if someone says anything. Alexa and Siri are called hotword detection (Olivares et al., 2016). Through this, the voice data are transmitted and stored. Once the Hotword detected the device starts recording the voice data and messages. And then it transcribes the messages and voice data into text that is called as speech recognition, and then it starts analyzing the text and process in the language what can be called as natural language processing.
For storing the voice data and message to cloud hotword detection is necessary and then only Siri and Alexa device can start functioning to store the data in a cloud. Matthew in his research paper mentioned that now one can control his home through Google Home and Siri app. As it will enable the individual to control the House (Khurana et al., 2016). 
According to Alonso, he pointed out that with the help of Google Home and Ok Google all the voice data and messages can be stored to the cloud. And the storing of the data can be done only with the help of Siri or Alexa which is a recent technological improvement by the Google. As Siri and Alexa used to store the voice data and send it for processing for natural language interchange as per the client knowledge. Before this Hotword is installed in the system which will detect the voice message or data then transfer it for natural language processing. Finally, the voice data can is stored to the cloud. But all the voice data are not stored in the cloud (Kim, et al., 2018). As if the client or user wants to store the voice data to the cloud then only he may transfer the data to the cloud. 
According to the Zhang, L, he pointed that the main benefits of storing the voice data and messages to the cloud are that it enables to store an unlimited amount of the voice data. But it is risky as the data stored at cloud can be retrieved by any other information technology hacker. So in a way to protect the voice data stored to the cloud need proper monitoring and building the security concern (Zhang et al., 2018). 
According to Srinivasan, he argued that operating system and other IT tools which are used to store the voice data at clouds such as Siri and Alexa helps in outsourcing the relevant information. Used by the business organization in the globalized world. 
Vilares, D 2018 stated that various Plugins option are available which assist the storing of voice data to the cloud. Firebase and Knife cloud plugins are available which assist the client to manage and store the voice data in the cloud. Beside these plugins, many more option is available which can be used to store the voice data to the cloud.

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Virtual assistance software

Collaboration Live is an online virtual collaborator programming device that causes you maintain your virtual right-hand business all the more effective. It deals with your customer ventures for you, abandoning you more opportunity to help your customers and make them upbeat (Martin, E.J., 2017).
In a developed economy, many multinational organization and even government agency are using various virtual assistance software tools in a way to manage the project and to track the real time. One of the most common software which assists in managing the project is Hubstaff.
Google Rhino support and Hubstaff are mainly used to track the time and managing the international project. Hubstaff is web-based software which enables the organization in managing the overseas project effectively and efficiently (Bell et al., 2017).
Lazarus 2015 he pointed out that due to day by day improvement in technology stiff competition is rising at a global level. In a way to stay in the competition, every organization needs to implement the information technology in its operation. As it will give the strategic as well as competitive advantage. He also argued that with the help of Google Home and other Information software, tools organization can able to manage its business operation in an effective manner. As Google Doc can be used to store a maximum amount of data by the organization. And the stored data can be retrieved at any time by the organization when needed.
Bell, K 2017 argued that Google has developed the brand speaker which enable the organization to manage it operation digitally. He also pointed out that through Google assistance organization is able to get the relevant information required for taking the crucial decision in the organization. He also pointed that various organization is using Google Home and Google Ok, in managing the voice data at large quantity. Google Home helps the organization in reducing the risk and reduces the cost of storing voice data. It also leads to increase the data management efficiency (Roach et al., 2017). Google Home leads to having strategic advantages in the global world. 


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