Advanced Healthcare Management Strategies


Consider that you are a healthcare manager or supervisor in a skilled nursing facility .Create a presentation on leadership strategies that you can share with your colleagues .Each slide must list one strategy and an example of situation in which it would best be used.




Michael Maccoby, Clifford L. Norman, C. Jane Norman, Richard Margolies (2013), “Transforming Health Care Leadership: A Systems Guide to Improve Patient Care, Decrease Costs, and Improve Population Health”. The author provides all the necessary tools required for the healthcare leaders to build a learning organization that can help in better patient care at a lower per capita cost so as to improve population health. This book acts as a well-constructed guide for transforming the healthcare by the creation of transformational leadership and helps in makingthings easier for the patients and healthcare communities. This book acts as a tool for doctor and nursing students bringing it to life. 
Almost, J. (2006). Conflict within nursing work environments: the concept analysis. J Adv Nurs, 53(4), 444-453. This paper examines the basic concept in the nursing work environment by using evolutionary approach.  The outcomes of this issue include dissatisfaction,turnover, and absenteeism. The paper considers conflict as a multidimensional construct having beneficial and beneficial effects. The definition of conflict has been given as process where the person perceives the opposition of other. The main consequences of conflict have been identified as the interpersonal relationships, individual effects, and the organizational effects.  
McCaffrey R.G., Hayes R., Stuart W., Cassell A., Farrell C., Miller-Reyes C., & Donaldson A. (2010). Aprogram to improve communication and collaboration between nurses and medical residents. Journal ofContinuing Education Nursing, 41(4), 172-178.

The program discussed in the paper concerns over the nurses and the medical residents for improving their communication as well as collaboration. It can be seen that collaboration and communication are amongst the members of a health care team helps in improving job satisfaction and patient outcomes among the nurses. The nurses were provided an educational program reviewing their effective communication styles along with the positive elements of collaboration. 

The program mentioned in the paper proved out to be a successful attempt to improve the communication and collaboration along the nurses and medical residents therefore consequently helping in improved patient care. 

Boyle, D., Kochinda, C. (2004). Enhancing Collaborative Communication of Nurse and Physician Leadership in Two Intensive Care Units. Journal of Nursing Administration, 34(2):60-70


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The paper aimed at testing an intervention for enhancing the collaborative communication among the physician leaders including the nurse manager, nurse specialist and medical director and nurses in two very diverse ICUs. The paper suggests that the collaborative communication is highly associated with the nurses, positive patients and the physician outcomes. The paper also highlights the lack of the improvement of collaborative communication. The authors state that the nursing leadership and problem-solving among the staff nurses and physician and other groups have increased.

Hetherington, L.T. (1998). Becoming Involved: The Nurse Leader’s Role in Encouraging Teamwork. Nursing Administration Quarterly, (Fall), 29-37. 
Effective teamwork is highly beneficial and leads to a shared vision of the unit practice and patient care, increased unit morale, enhanced professional relationship amongst caregivers and reduced staff burnout. The nurse managers can play a vital role in the direction by promoting job satisfaction and joy in work to experience higher involvement in work. Meaningful involvement will lead to the encouraged participation of staff in the professional development committees along with unit-based projects.


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