Nowadays people are becoming very conscious towards the environment in which they are living. Thus, as a result of it they prefer to use the products and services of those enterprises which fulfill their social responsibility towards environment. In this regard, it is examined that paper which firm uses with an aim to maintain their business documents is being regarded as one of the factor which is creating huge impact on environment of nation. Furthermore, people have perspective that the firm which uses paper instead of computer with an aim to store their useful information is consider as outdated. Thus, given thing will create negative image of company in the mind of its respective stakeholders. The impact of the same will be seen on the sales and profitability related condition of enterprise.
Hence, with an aim to resolve all above issues Paperless office option is suggested. Herein, the firm should make an effort in terms of using all the modern equipment in its office. This approach will not only save the cost of enterprise but it will also create positive image in the mind of its stakeholders in an effectual way. Besides this, with an aim to implement the same manager of firm should organize change management plan. Through this way resistance of the employees can be controlled. 


In the era of globalization, it has become imperative for corporations to become more accountable to the stakeholders – both internal and external. Further, it is also important for the organizations that it should transform itself in accordance with the developments that are happening in its external environment (Bartold, 2017). This is because if firms will not comply with the given type of activity then this tends to indicate inactiveness from their side. This thing will also develop a negative image about the firms in the mind of its buyers. The impact of whole these things will have brand image of company. Moreover, the sales and profitability related condition will also be affected negatively. It is keeping in mind this need of being accountable that the report would discuss about the prospects of a paperless office, the development of which would allow the organization to emerge as a socially responsible organization appeasing the social and ethical needs of all the stakeholders.
Herein, at first this report will tend to discuss about the problem which is being faced by those organization that still rely on old method of maintaining their documents. Afterwards, this report will propose solution to the assessed problem followed with the benefits and disadvantage of the same. Finally, at the end recommendations will be suggested with an aim to make an implementation of the identified solution. 

Defining the problem

The firms which use paper with an aim to maintain their documents will have impact on both environment as well as working condition of company. In terms of environment, it is examined that around 9 tons of carbon dioxide is generated from the paper recycling process. However, in case if papers are not recycled and disposed in land then it will lead to generate 11 tons of carbon dioxide in a year (Li & Hu, 2017). In addition to this, during the process of manufacturing papers chlorine based bleaches are used. This releases high toxic material which is later on mixed into air, water and soil. This can cause major impact upon the people who are living in society. It is a matter of concern for those organizations who claims that they are fulfilling their responsibility towards society. In this context, it is identified that there are many organizations both big and small one that perform different type of CSR activities but they do not comply with the concept like paperless office. This indicates that they are not much concern about society and they are doing other CSR activities as it is abided by law. The given thing will lead to develop negative image about the firm in the minds of its buyers. Further, in future it will become very difficult for the enterprise with regard to make improvement in their sales and profit (Ugale, Patil & Musande, 2017). 
Besides this, there are certain issues examined which indicate about the problems which are being faced by those firms that use paper for maintaining their office records. Rise in the cost is being regarded as major problem which is associated with the use of paper in office. On daily basis company will have to maintain different type of records such as sales, revenue, expenditure and employee data etc. For purpose to achieve that tons of paper will be needed by firms in a year. Furthermore, with an aim to secure these papers in a safe place sufficient space will also be required. Thus, these all things will raise unnecessary cost of company. In addition to this, incapable to access document within a right time is being regarded as another issue which is being faced by many companies (Javed, Nagabhushan & Chaudhuri, 2017). In this respect, employees who are working within firm faces problem of locating right document at right time and examining the key piece of information etc. This problem looks small however it become large when manager is not able to locate that document through its files upon which it has to take some major decision. Hence, some time due to these small issues major projects will go away from the companies. Moreover, it makes the space of office more clutter and unorganized. Below is the image which gives clear description of the same.
For example, it does not look good when your client comes to office as shown above and he sees lots of storage cabinets which are ruining the space of office along with burdens of papers. Due to this, there are chances that the companies might lose its prospective client. This is because, such type of thing will give impression that firm has not updated itself as per new technology. Thus, it can be said that these are the major issues which are impacting the operation as well image of the company in a negative manner.

Solution to the problem

The concept such as going “Paperless” is being regarded as one and only solution to the respective problem. This is because with the help of respective solution organization can resolve all these problems which are mentioned above. Furthermore, by applying this approach firm can use its resources in some other useful purpose (Javed, Nagabhushan & Chaudhuri, 2017). Thus, through this way it can take the benefit in the form of increased profit and sales in an effectual way. In addition to this, the given thing will build positive image of firms in the minds of its stakeholders. Thus, this solution will provide wide number of benefits to the corporations. 
How can a firm go Paperless
There are different ways examined with the help of which manager of firm can comply with the concept of paperless. These are all depicted in below:
•    Use Smartphone for the purpose to scan bills and receipts: It is being regarded as one of the most effective approach. This is because, it is examined that bills and receipts also account for huge paper wastage. Thus, with the help of Smartphone an individual can take all the records or bills and receipts with himself. 
•    Computer for maintaining files: It is required by firm that it should use computer for the purpose to maintain records and documents. Further, it should encourage its partners and client also for adopting the given type of practices (Li & Hu, 2017). Here, by complying with the given type of activity firm can effectively fulfill its roles and responsibilities towards the members who are living in society. 
•    Getting internet connection: For the communication purpose firm should use means like email and mobile app etc. This will also assist in the process of going paperless. Thus, it can be said that these are being regarded as the major means with the help of which firm can resolve all the problems that are associated with use of papers in office. 
Benefits of paperless organization
There are certain advantages of maintaining paperless offices and departments. In this respect primarily it should be noted that if the advantages can be used to the benefits of an organization then such benefits would result in the overall growth and development of the organization (Karlsson & Stöckel, 2017). It should also be noted that to gain hold over the market and to sustain the market reputation, the organization should show its corporate social responsibility in a vivid manner. In this respect it is noteworthy that paperless offices would signal the beginning of a new era of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practice and it would help the management of the organization to implement a strategy that would be capable of appeasing the needs and wants of the internal and external stakeholders in a thorough manner. In accordance with the given context, different benefits examined which can be gained by company if they comply with the concept of “paperless office”. The detailed description of all is depicted in below:
•    Efficient use of space and cost effectiveness: The primary benefit of a paperless office is that; it uses “less physical space when bulky filing cabinets are eliminated or reduced. Relocating to a smaller office or building may be possible, saving money on a lease. In a paperless office, electronic faxes and email replace the need to print, mail and ship documents to clients, which reduces expenses, as does lowering your investment in reams of paper”. The paperless office is a cost-effective option for the concerned organization primarily because it improves efficiency of employees and employee morale. Whenever documentation is hassle free the chances of employees to concentrate more on their core jobs become possible. Such possibility eventually increases the chances for the employees to enhance their skills including people skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc (Civelek & Seçkin, 2017). It should also be taken into account that “Processing documents electronically opens up the opportunity for employees to work remotely and for you to offer flexible work schedules, particularly if you employ remote access to the company system. This can improve efficiency and employee morale. Aside from purely practical considerations, your clients may view a paperless office favourably, approving of an environmentally friendly approach or admiring an efficient, cutting-edge company”.
•    Ease of query data or documents: With the help of new and effective technique manager of firm can effectively access that data which is needed it now. This thing will provide assistance to the firm when manager will have to make some important decision on the basis of old records. 
•    Money saved can be used for some other useful purpose: Herein, it is examined that by going paperless manager of enterprise could save lots of money. However, the money which is saved from the respective purpose can be used by it for some other useful purpose such as organizing training and development programs for employees and making investment in new project etc (Salomi & Maciel, 2017). Thus, it can be consider as type of approach which will assist enterprise in many useful activities.
•    Quick response to the feedback: By employing paperless office work system manager of firm can install different means and methods with the help of which firm can build direct connection with its prospective buyers. For example, one of the mean could be website of firm. Here, by building own website firm can perform one to one interaction with its prospective buyers. For example, if firm has identified that the customers are not happy with the specific type of services which is being provided by it. Then by making significant changes in the same, organization can maintain satisfaction of its buyers. This thing will have positive effect on the sale and profit of company. 
•    Eliminate duplicate documents: The chances of duplicate papers are more if an individual prepares them manually. This thing will not only increase the cost of enterprise but it will also result into wastage of firm’s valuable time (Paperless Office: a new proposal for organizations, 2018). Thus, the concept of paperless office is effective. This is due to the fact that by complying with respective approach manager can utilize its resources for an effective purpose.
•    Increased productivity: It is being regarded as one of the most essential benefit which is associated with paperless office. Productivity of enterprise thoroughly depends upon the manner through which firm carries out its work. Herein, a firm will be consider as productive if it spends its majority of time in the managing its work instead of office documents. Here, paperless office gives freedom to manager with regard to spend its time in making major decisions about company (Lewis-Dermody, 2017). 
Difficulties associated with paperless office
There are different problems identified which might face by the manager of enterprise when it complies with the concept of paperless office. These all are given below:
•    Resistance from the side of employees: There are the chances that employees who are working within corporation will resist to implement the concept of paperless office. This may be because of the fear of job loss and fear of not able to get adjust with new technology. Thus, in the given situation it will become very difficult for the manager of organization with regard to make an implementation of the concept in an effectual way.
•    Heavy investment on training: To go with the paperless office concept would be a difficult decision for the firms that are small or do not have much money to make such a huge investment (Shahidul Islam, 2017). This is because, with an aim to implement the respective concept manager of enterprise will have to provide training to its employees. This thing will not only take time of enterprise but it will also raise the overall cost of enterprise. 
•    Threat of security: The threat of security is less when the important documents are stored in the office cabinets. However, threat of security increases when the confidential reports of company are stored in the computer or server. Thus, the given thing will lead to cause major impact on the operation of company in an effectual manner. 
•    Bad habit of workers to print: In this context, here manager might face difficulty to make change in the habit of employees. This habit of employees could create problem in the process of making whole office paperless (Han, Aysa & Ubul, 2017). Hence, it is required by manager that it should look into all the issues in an effectual way. This is because if consideration to these issues is not given then for manager it became difficult to make its office paperless. 


Articulating all the facts and figures from the above report, it can be stated that it is very essential for the firm that it should take timely action with respect to the problem which is being faced by it. This is because, if given thing will not done then the direct impact of the same will be seen on the sales and profitability condition of corporation in an effectual way. Further, for the purpose to work for the benefit of society, the option to go paperless is best approach. This is because by applying respective concept organization could show its responsibility towards society. This will create positive image of firm in the mind of its respective buyers. This will lead to provide benefit to the enterprise in the form of increase profit and sale in an effectual way.


With an aim to deal with the difficulties which are mentioned above, different recommendations are suggested to the manager of firm.
•    At first it is suggested to the manager that it should reduce resistance of its employees by explaining them about the benefits which are associated with the respective concept. Herein, manager should enhance motivation of its employees and it should encourage them for accepting the concept of paperless office. Furthermore, here manager should offer both monetary and non-monetary rewards to those employees who have adopted themselves as per the new concept. This will motive other employees also and as a result of it they stop resisting the concept of paperless office and start adopting it. 
•    Secondly, it is recommended that for the training purpose firm can make appointment of those individuals who does not charge high fees. Through this way, organization can save the cost of training. The money saved by it can be used for some other purpose.
•    Thirdly, it is recommended that while going paperless organization should install software which leads to protect its documents from unauthorized access. For the respective purpose manager of organization can take assistance from different security systems. By complying with given type of activity enterprise can successfully follow the concept of paperless office.    
•    Finally, with an aim to make changes in the habit of employee’s manager of firm could use punish and reward approach. Herein, the firm should impose monetary penalty upon those individual who does not follow the respective concept. Similarly, manager of organization can offer reward to those individuals who accepted the paperless office approach very well and have not shown any kind of resistance with regard to the same.  

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