A case study on female employment


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     1. A statement of the problem, research aim and objectives
     2. A brief methodology
     3. Sources of secondary data, data presentation and analysis methods
     4. Accurate referencing, use of correct English and logical sequences between
sentences and paragraphs
    5. Topic presentation



Research Proposal on how job pressure affects the women workforce of Australia – A case study on female employment  


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1. Statement of the problem


    As per the recent Workplace Gender Equality report of 2018 February, women comprises of 46.9% in the overall employed workforce out of which, 25.1% depicts women working fulltime and the rest 21.8% are women working part time (Australian Government, 2018). The participation rate for women is 60.5% and such rate for 15 to 64 years of women is 73.2% (Australian Government, 2018). The data showcases, that the overall employment of workforce in Australia, is significant and almost is equal to men. However, what are the dynamics of women working in Australia, factors which impact the female employment; job pressure etc cannot be understood from the data thus received. Since 2000, the country has witnessed a massive growth in women employment of 53.7% and today more than 5.5 million women comprise of the overall Australian workforce (Roy Morgan, 2017).
    As per a report by CPSU, women enjoy the work which they do in corporate and value their right to work, but it is being increasingly witnessed, that the job pressure and associated stress takes a toll on their health (Pocock, 2005). Stressors include – job cuts, budget cuts and the chronic understaffing etc (CPSU, 2017).  This acts as the backdrop for the research paper on business, as the purpose of this paper is to identify and explore the concept of job pressure faced by women in Australia’s workforce. 


2. Aims & Objectives


    The aim of this paper is to explore the aspects of job stressors which impact women working in Australia, and understand how work – pressure is being handled by the women. The impact of work pressure, different stressors, and dynamics of work culture of women employment in Australia is aimed to be explored and analyzed. The following are the subsequent research objectives; 
-    Exploring the different aspects of women employment in Australia, and conducting a thorough comparison between how changes have impacted this sector in the last decade
-    Exploring the aspects of job stressors, their impact on women employment and how the present workforce comprising of women are coping with such stressors. 
-    Conducting research based on secondary data and analyzing such and conducting primary research on a sample of women working in Australia, to understand the issues from first person point of view. 
-    Building a recommendation framework for reducing job pressure on women, and how the latter can combat the ill effects of job pressure. 


3. Methodology


ogy is aimed to be conducted so as to cover the exhaustive information pertaining to women employment in Australia. 
Literature Review: Thorough analysis will be done on already published literature on the aspects of women working in Australia, the factors which promote their improvement, the inhibitors, their work/life balance and the job pressure faced by them. Published literature in the form of journal articles, reports, newspaper articles, government papers will be analyzed to answer the research objectives. 
Collection of Data: Secondary data will be collected from various industry and government sources and other reports published by advocacy groups if found. 
Primary Research: Primary inductive quantitative research is to be conducted on a sample size of 25 women, working part-time and full time in Australia, to understand the job pressure situations and practical problems from them. Questionnaires would be the research instrument and the data thus received will be analyzed.  


4. Secondary data & analysis methods 


    Though primary research will also be conducted, majority of the data would be made available from specific state government websites of Australia and the other official published statistical reports. Data analysis will be done through observation and systematic review and then a list of findings would be developed. In the primary research, sample would be selected through random snowball sampling, and the responses will be collected from the respondents and analyzed in Microsoft Excel. 


5. Bibliography


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Pocock, B. (2005). Work-life balance in australia - Limited Progress and Dim prospects. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources , 43 (2), 198 - 209.
Roy Morgan. (2017). Women have propelled Australian employment growth. Retrieved April 8, 2018, from Roy Morgan: http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/7392-roy-morgan-employment-trends-by-gender-2000-september-2017-201710200500


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