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Webster University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - the shape

Question - An igloo is built in the shape of a hemisphere, with an inner radius of 1.8 m and walls of compacted
snow that are 0.5 m thick. On the inside of the igloo the surface heat transfer coefficient is 6 W /m 2 ·
K on the outside, under normal wind conditions, it is 15 W/m2 · K. The thermal conductivity of
compacted snow is 0.15 W/m · K. The temperature of the ice cap on which the igloo sits is -20°C and
has the same thermal conductivity as the compacted snow.

(a) Assuming that the occupants' body heat provides a continuous source of 320 W within the igloo,
calculate the inside air temperature when the outside air temperature is T8 = - 40°C. Be sure to
consider heat losses through the floor of the igloo.
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