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University Of New York Tirana Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Daane Company

Question - Daane Company had only one job in process on May 1. The job had been charged with $1,250 of
direct materials, $4,220 of direct labor, and $5,950 of manufacturing overhead cost. The company
assigns overhead cost to jobs using the predetermined overhead rate of $20.50 per direct labor-hour.

During May, the following activity was recorded:
Raw materials (all direct materials):
Beginning balance $ 13,200
Purchased during the month $20,200
Used in production $31,200
Direct labor-hours worked during the month 2,290
Direct labor cost incurred $28,625
Actual manufacturing overhead costs incurred $39,400
Raw materials, May 30 ?
Work in process, May 30 $16,400

Work in process inventory on May 30 contains $2,7 ...Read More

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