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The American University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Repeat the Problem

Question - Repeat the Problem 1.31 including a contact resistance of 0.1 K/W at each of the interfaces. Problem 1.31: A section of a composite wall with the dimensions shown in the schematic diagram below has uniform temperatures of 200°C and 50°C over the left and right surfaces, respectively. If the thermal conductivities of the wall materials are: kA = 70 W/(m K), kB = 60 W /(m K), kC = 40 W/(m K), and kD = 20 W/(m K), determine the rate of heat transfer through this section of the wall and the temperatures at the interfaces. GIVEN Composite wall Thermal conductivities: kA = 70 W/(mK) kB = 60 W/(mK) kC = 40 W /(mK) kD = 20W/(mK) Surface temperatures Left side (TAs) = 200°C Right side (TDs) = 50°C Contact resistance at ea ...Read More

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