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People management

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Executive Master of Advanced Management (EMAM)
Module Code & Name: EMAM514 People Management
Course Leader:
Title: The Electro Chic Company
Effective Date: 20 th March 2015
Assignment Task s:
Appendix - Vi deo C as e S tu dies – Anal ys is
Th alys
• What is the main “w ork c oordination m echanism” us ed in this e ngine shop?
• In this c ase, how could y ou qualify the team l eade r’s rol e?
This vide o case stu dy shows a g ood ex ample o f “pr oces se s st andar dization ”. Worker s ar e invit ed
to re sp ect fo rm al pr oc edure s a nd stric t rul es to realiz e the m aint en anc e a nd th e r ...Read More

Solution Preview - 8500085496401000000 Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc519604206 \h 1Task 1: Thalys Video Case Study PAGEREF _Toc519604207 \h 11.1Work Coordination Mechanism of Thalys PAGEREF _Toc519604208 \h 11.2Role of Thalys team leader PAGEREF _Toc519604209 \h 2Task 2: McDonald Video Case Study PAGEREF _Toc519604210 \h 32

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