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Need System Architecture Computer Engineering Assignment Help

Question - ÄAn intelligent control system for managing the heating in a building 1: Produce a referenced four page report which describes the possible functionality of the system; similar systems that are out there and different possible approaches to delivering the system. (40 Marks) Describe the role each system component plays and justify its inclusion in your system. (20 marks) benefits of adhering to your policy. Describe 3 possible challenges your system might face. (20 Marks) You will be asked to justify your design choices. (20 marks)

Solution Preview - GEREF _Toc375321735 \h 2New System PAGEREF _Toc375321736 \h 4Functionality PAGEREF _Toc375321737 \h 5Architecture PAGEREF _Toc375321738 \h 7Comparison of Two Architectures PAGEREF _Toc375321739 \h 8Data Storage Policy PAGEREF _Toc375321740 \h 10Comparison with Moodle and Blackboard PAGEREF _Toc375321741 \h 14Reference PAGEREF _Toc375321742 \h 16

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