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Marketing Communication

Question -
You are the Senior Database Administrator of one of the following organizations (Choose one):
Hotel Chain (Booking System only)
Small Bank 10 Branches (Deposit Account Management only)
Small Private University (Course Scheduling and Student Grading only)
Hospital (Patient Management System) Room Management only including Patient, Nurses and Phys. Assignments
Upper management has decided they want to upgrade their old single instance Oracle database to the latest and greatest Oracle 12c Database using RAC or Data Guard. They want it all on a new hardware environment, not an in-place upgrade. You are delighted, until you find out; it’s all on your shoulders. Your task for this course project is to develop an migration document tha ...Read More

Solution Preview - tion Work Task-1.1 5 features of product and services Shabby college provides diploma in business to students which is of 1 year course having 2 days a week of 14 hours classes. Students don’t need any certificate-IV or any such things to do this course. This a full time classroom course, no online platforms. Students can take material

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