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Help me with my Macroeconomics Assignment

Question -
In this Assignment, you will have to submit three Powerpoint Presentation Files with around four slides each.a) Name your first Powerpoint Presentation as < Powerpoint Presentation_1 > . Use the first slide of the first Powerpoint Presentation file to build a standard Y-E diagram. Use textboxes to label the axes and all the essential curves, and key points such as Ye (equilibrium income). Then copy it into three additional slides in the same Powerpoint Presentation file (easiest way is to just copy the entire slide three times). Keep one as a reserve, and carry out the three following tasks, one on each slide:
As a result of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that began in 2008, China suffered a massive fall in its exports to the ...Read More

Solution Preview - fall in China’s exports, the expenditure curve shifts downward from E to E1. 
As a result of this, employment level shifts back from full employment level YFE to Y1.
EYYEYFE45°E1Y1 3A reduction in Marginal Propensity to Consume caused by Global Financial Crisis changes the slope of E curve, makes E curve flatter and moves from E to E2.EYYE

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