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Harvard University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - The heart pumps

Question - The heart pumps blood at an average rate of 5 L/min. The gauge pressure on the venous (intake)
side is 0 mm Hg and that on the arterial (discharge) side is 100 mm Hg. Energy is supplied to the
heart as heat released by the absorption of oxygen in the cardiac muscles: 5 mL (STP) O2/min is
absorbed, and 20.2J is released per mL of O2 absorbed. Part of this absorbed energy is converted to
flow work (the work done to pump blood through the circulatory system), and the balance is lost as
heat transferred to the tissues surrounding the heart.
(a) Simplify Equation 7.4-12 for this system, assuming (among other things) that there is no change in
internal energy from inlet to outlet.
(b) What percentage of the heat input to the heart (Qin) i ...Read More

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