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Emory University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - ratios

Question - The balance sheet and income statement for a company are shown below. Balance Sheet Cash
$45,500 Accounts Payable $98,000 Receivables 256,000 Notes Payable 39,000 Inventories 141,500
Other Current Liabilities 121,000 Total Current Assets $443,000 Total Current Liabilities $258,000 Net
Fixed Assets 160,500 Long-term debt 147,500 Total Liabilities $405,500 Common equity 262,000
Total Assets $603,500 Total Liabilities and equity $667,500 Income Statement Sales $1,404,500 Cost
of goods sold 1,240,000 Selling, general, and administrative expenses 91,000 Earnings before
interest and taxes (EBIT) $73,500 Interest expense 12,500 Earnings before taxes (EBT) $61,000
Federal and state income taxes (40%) 24,400 Net income $36,600 Compute the fol ...Read More

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