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Do My ME123 Solidworks Lab for my mechanical engineering subject

Question - ME123: FINAL PROJECT Autumn 2013 https://catalysttools.washington.edu/workspace/jhjones/39968/ 10/15/2013 Problem statement: Create an original assembly of your choosing. Your assembly must consist of parts that you have designed and modeled yourself. Your model must follow the guidelines provided below. Deliverables:All files should be submitted to Catalyst Collect-it in a zipped folder (please do not use .rar files). The folder must be named using the proper naming convention. ï‚· 5 part files (minimum requirement) ï‚· 1 assembly file ï‚· 1 exploded assembly drawing file ï‚· 1 detail drawing file Guidelines: ï‚· Parts o You must create a minimum of 5 original parts that you will use in the assemb ...Read More

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