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css/ html

Question - Lab: The Box M o del

Purpo se:
Learn and correctly ap ply the box model by creating divs and a ssigning ap prop riate C SS rules.

Ins truc tio ns:
Download the Lab -the -box -model .zip, un zip it to your system and rena me the folder as
lastna me_f irstna me_labbox

(ex .demaret_maryellen _labbox).

Look at the image on the second pa ge below. This is a picture of the finished lab practice that you wi ll recreate
during lab. Open the ind ex.html file and begin working . You will notice that this f ile be ars little resemblan ce to the
fin al solution. Your job is to app ly CSS formatting to this html file so t hat it loo ks like the s olution image.

Use the styles ...Read More

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