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Columbia Southern University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Advanced Corporate

Question - Case 1: Review the requirements of the Chapter 3 Mini-Case, parts b through j (problems are at the
bottom). Then apply those requirements to do an analysis of Brinker International, which is a real
company. Do the analysis on the basis of the figures for the most recent year. For part g, use the 2
most recent years. Download 10K financial statements for the most recent year for Brinker. A good
source is the company's home page. Also compare the Brinker ratios to the industry averages. You'll
note that some of the company's ratios you calculate won't agree with those found on the web page.
Ratios are calculated in different ways, however, you should use the formulas in the text. Also, you
won't find all of the industry averages, but y ...Read More

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