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Aquinas College Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Clark Company

Question - Use the following to answer questions 67-70: The Clark Company makes a single product and uses standard costing. Some data concerning this product for the month of May follow: Labor rate variance: $ 7,000 F Labor efficiency variance: $12,000 F Variable overhead efficiency variance: $ 4,000 F Number of units produced: 10,000 Standard labor rate per direct labor hour: $ 12 Standard variable overhead rate per direct labor hour: $ 4 Actual labor hours used: 14,000 Actual variable manufacturing overhead costs: $58,290 The standard hours allowed to make one unit of finished product are: 1.0. 1.2. 1.5. 2.0. Question 68: 1 pts The total standard cost for variable overhead for May was: The total standard cost for variable ...Read More

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