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An Example of Online Statistics Classwork Assimilated by Experts @AllAssignmentHelp


Research Paper: Academic Procrastination and Statistics Anxiety


Summary of the article

The research paper has tried to study the relationship between anxiety related to statistics and procrastination in doing assignments. The paper considered 135 graduates of a university and a survey was conducted to understand the relationship. Moreover, the paper also focused on understanding the prevalence of procrastination. 

Research Topic

The topic of the research was to examine the prevalence of procrastination among graduate students and to investigate the relationship between academic procrastination and six dimensions of statistics anxiety.

Research Methodology

The researcher took 135 students from a university as the participants assessed their statistics anxiety in a different academic situation using questionnaires based on Statistical Rating Scale. The second set of questions was based on the Procrastination Assessment Scale-Students that was developed by Solomon and Rothblum. A factor analysis was conducted for the collected data. 

Major Conclusions

One of the major findings of the study was that nearly 40-60% of the students procrastinate when writing for their term paper or when they involve with reading assignments. Another major finding was that procrastination results from both fears of failure and task averseness which reflects well in statistics anxiety. For the first finding, the author recommends finding the reason why academic procrastination occurs. For the second finding, the author is not sure whether the relationship is causal and the recommendation is not based on fact but rather on the consideration of an unclear causal relationship.

An in-depth critique of the article


The research problem is clearly stated and one can clearly understand the purpose after going through the introductory section of the paper. Though the researcher has taken enough time in building the background before starting the actual purpose of the paper (at the end of the section), one can get the complete picture if the abstract is read first. The first three pages of the paper completely clarify the intention of the researcher.

Literature review

The literature review is brief but it is organized very well. The literature review has considered both aspects of the factors and has tried to come up with a balanced approach. Most of the research papers selected by the researchers are from before 1990. If the publishing date of the paper is considered that is 2004, then it can be stated that a limited number of recent papers have been used that are after 2000. The literature review is empirical.


The hypotheses of the research have been mentioned briefly while mentioning the consideration of Rothblum et al (1986). There is no specific section for the research question or hypotheses within the research paper, however, reading the paper before the method section can give the reader enough understanding about the intention of the researcher and the answers to the questions he is trying to find.

Ethical Standards Applied

The author has taken complete consideration of the ethical aspects while moving ahead with the research. The participants were fully aware of the whole process of the research and even they were provided grades from the University for their Participation in the research process. The confidentiality was guaranteed by the researcher and there were no methods involved that can entail harm.

Operational Definitions

The terms used within the paper are easy to understand for individuals with average academic understanding. The theories were explained properly and the concepts used by the researcher are not of a difficult level.


The research design has been clearly defined in the method section of the research paper. The researcher stated the tools that had been used in the development of the questions, namely, STARS and PASS. The statistical tool used was factor analysis. These tools have been amply used by the previous researcher and are appropriate to the current paper. The reliability test was conducted and the value of .84, .89, and .76 was obtained. No pilot test seems evident from the study.

Data Analysis/Results

Factor analysis was conducted on the collected data. The tool was appropriate as it helped identify the variability among the observed, correlated variables. 135 graduates have considered as the participants and all of them agreed to the study without any absence. The findings are expected to help the universities take the research further and understand the reasons why procrastination occurs. The research paper has built a background on which the possible reasons for procrastination such as difficult papers, hectic lectures duration or limited lecture duration, and others could be identified in subsequent research.


The findings are linked back to the literature review and there were no major hypotheses therefore there was no point in coming up with any support point. The paper has in a way explored the topic under study. The results identified have a good amount of closeness with their ability to be generalized. The results can be applied to the students of various universities as there were no such factors considered for the study that was specific to those particular university students under study. Recommendations for further research have been made.


If all the above aspects are considered, then it can be stated that the research has been conducted appreciably well. However, if the readability of the paper is considered, then it could be said that the development of more sections to clarify each of the research aspects could have made it more reachable to average or below-average readers.


The researcher considered a mixture of journals, books, and media to conduct the study.

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