Testable Architectures Approach Report


1- Write a report on "Testable Architectures" with references to APA in 500 words .



A testable architecture help in doing quick and probable tests which are facile to compose, execute, and sustain. In this report, the concept of testable architecture approach, benefit and limitation of testable architecture, software development for testable architecture, and how a testable architecture would work or would not work, agile driven software in test driven development, etc will be discussed in below. 

Testable architecture approach:-

Testable architecture approach is anearmarked of the arrangement of the concept, which will demonstrate and replicate to the architecture description development and also the well-adorned connections within sharing elements together through some extremities on their embodiment as well as behaviour. Testable architecture helps minimize the defects injection through the program lifecycle (Khalid, 2019). This assures that the final delivered system will meet the original requirements of the business. It is advanced by Red Hat and Cognizant Technology Solutions. The methodology of testable architecture assures that any artifacts defined during a projects life cycle could be affirmed in opposition to artifacts that forego the phase and next phases after it.  
From the Proceedings of the 1st European test conference, 1989 it can be seen that for architecture assurances and testability a standardized method and approach of testable architecture has to use otherwise the outcomes of business will hamper.  

Benefit and limitation of testable architecture:-

One benefit of a testable architecture is an assurance of the better quality of delivery and maximize the quality of the overall solution. Moreover, if it fails to reduce the flaws of design, then it becomes a drawback because flaws of design will result in a business requirement not being met (Chegg.com, 2019). 

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Proposed software development scenario for testable architecture and working process of testable architecture:-

For developing testable architecture software advancement is needed, otherwise, it could not be able to meet the requirements of the business. Software Architecture Analysis method used in the scenarios of testable architecture for gathering various knowledge and facts about the ability of a system to meet desired quality attributes. The scenario will help in understanding the results of the business. Analysts of business can gather knowledge about principle participants who are involved in this procedure (Waverley, 2019). The developer and user both can take help from the scenarios. The Software Architecture Analysis method work according to five steps, those are: (i) recount postulant architecture, (ii) develop scenarios, (iii) carry out scenario amends, (iv) disclose scenario interaction, (v) overall amends. 
Testable architecture works along with software for ensuring a better quality of delivery and maximize the quality of overall solution in the business. However, without software, it could not work.

Test-driven development and Agile driven software engineering approaches:-

Test-driven development is programming practice, which may help in writing a new code after the failure of an automated test through instruction. It is useful in validation and specification. However, in case of more significant issues like the overall design, UI, use of the system, etc agile model-driven development is used because TDD fails at thinking more significant problems. Agile driven software promote the value of test-driven development, high-quality interaction with the developers and stakeholders. Agile driven development software is visually oriented, and it includes a broader scope. Therefore it is better than TDD in some cases (Resources.collab.net, 2019). Both are important for a testable architecture approach. However, for test architecture, one should use that approach which will minimize the flaws of design and will help meet the requirements of the business. Agile driven development software is more suitable in this sector. 

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From the above report, it can be concluded that a testable architecture will ensure a better quality of delivery and maximize the quality of the overall solution,minimize the flaws of design, and will help meet the requirements of the business. Proper use of testable architecture is needed in business. Agile driven development software is more helpful for business as a testable architecture approach because it promotes the value of test-driven development, and it can be used in the more significant issues of the business.


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