Scenarios: Bad Behavior and The Difficult Employee


Analyze behavioral theory as it relates to the supervision of criminal justice entities
Scenarios: Bad Behavior and The Difficult Employee

Read each of the scenarios below and write a 2-page response (for each scenario) that evaluates the role the supervisor played in the maintenance of good order within the organization.
Scenario 1: Bad Behavior?
Sergeant Officer Stevens, the sergeant on the evening shift, reported to you (the shift lieutenant) that after roll call he heard two male officers telling sexually explicit jokes in the hallway. As the sergeant exited the roll call room, he noticed one of the female dispatchers standing within a few feet of the two officers. The sergeant chose to ignore the immediate situation and just made a report to you.
Scenario 2: The Difficult Employee
Officer Smith has become very difficult to deal with. During roll call, he is sarcastic about any new policy changes, orders, or directives given to him or the group. He is also one of the most productive officers you have, and other officers respect his leadership abilities. Recently, his sergeant brought disciplinary charges against Officer Smith. This resulted in a suspension and Officer Smith has now become far less productive.
Address the following issues in your paper:
•    Evaluate the sergeants’ responses to the scenarios.
•    How did the sergeants respond in both scenarios?
•    How do the sergeants’ actions ensure the maintenance of good order? If they do not maintain good order, what specifically about the sergeants’ actions disrupt that order?
•    In each scenario, how could the sergeants have done better?
•    What should the sergeants do in each case to ensure good order?
•    Write a 2-page response for each scenario.


Scenario 1: Bad Behavior

The response of sergeant:  The Sergeant ignored the sexually explicit jokes that he heard between the two male officers and made a report.  
Maintenance of good order by the action of sergeant: As a supervisor, the Sergeant failed because he let the other employees feel uncomfortable and unsafe by ignoring the jokes that he heard. He allowed the officers to continue with their jokes by ignoring them which was not a sign of maintaining good order in that place.  Also, he did not make a direct approach to the officers that were incorrect on his part as a supervisor.  The jokes that were being cracked by the officers were a form of sexual harassment, and they are unacceptable because any kind of sexual misconduct or harassment is prohibited by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Line, 1964). The Sergeant may face civil liability because he has ignored the open harassment and he was the first line supervisor there. The subordinates may also charge him for failing in assisting them to seek a remedy in that situation. It is the responsibility of the Sergeant to act as key people in fighting the inappropriate behavior that they observe around themselves. 
But, the Sergeant, reported the occurrence which is proof that he tried to maintain good order. By reporting, he ensured that the episode is taken care of and it is managed suitably by the higher authorities. It has been indicated by the NCJRS that maintenance of the order is in the focal capacity of the courts and the police.  For maintaining the order successfully, the courts and the police have to bring the conduct in the knowledge of the society. Since the Sergeant reported it, therefore, he did the right thing in the context of maintaining the order.  
The Sergeants could have done these things and ensured good order by: The Sergeant did not adopt a relevant approach because he ignored the situation. He could have dealt with the situation by confronting the officers and making them realize that he has heard them ad whatever they were doing was incorrect. He could have documented the incident for keeping it in the records of the officers. The Sergeant should reinforce the anti-harassment training in the department and should counsel the people and the subordinates related to the behavior modification efforts on the sexual harassment topic. This is likely to change the behavior of people towards this thing.  Also, the Sergeant could have talked to the two officers in private and could have asked for the reason for their behavior; he could also have reminded them of the disciplinary action that he can take against them. Apart from this, the Sergeant could have asked the female dispatcher about the way she felt on listening to the jokes; he could have assured her that he will look into the matter and he will make sure that she does not feel uncomfortable from next time.

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Scenario 2: The Difficult Employee

The response of sergeant: The Sergeant took disciplinary action against Officer Smith and this led to his suspension. 
Maintenance of good order by the action of sergeant: The Sergeant did the right thing because an outrageous behavior is unacceptable no matter what. This response was a message to all the people so that they take care of the discipline of the place. All the people were aware of his leadership skills and his productivity levels, and they respected him for that, but it was difficult for them to witness this kind of behavior at the workplace. If Smith had not been punished, it would have spread a wrong message among the people as they would think that any behavior is acceptable if you are a leader or your productivity is high. So, this would have led to poor order at the workplace in the future. Therefore, the Sergeant removed this possibility, and he did not let Smith get away with his bad behavior.  He set an example for the other officers, and they were convinced that they do not have to follow the footsteps of Smith in terms of behavior.   
The action by the Sergeant made the people realize that in every case, they have to abide by the regulations of the company and its guidelines related to conduct and behavior. Any kind of disruptive behavior can cause the distraction for the other people. There are possibilities of conflict at the workplace and a negative, and a hostile environment can be created. To avoid all this, and to ensure maintenance of good order, the Sergeant took the right step. 
Apart from all this, Officer Smith resisted the new ideas that were being introduced in the company; he was a defeatist. He was a problem when any change was introduced, and he was the source of resistance to it.  
The Sergeants could have done these things and ensured good order by: Officer Smith was an erudite employee which means that he has an opinion of his own for everything that was happening. These kinds of employees do not have many words to say, but they have pride in their language command, respect order and comfort in working within the regulations of the department (Mowday, 2013). So, the Sergeant could have used his own expertise to deal with this employee when he faces the unknown or the complex problem-solving situation.  
The Sergeant could have confronted the officer when he used to resist the changes.  There are many ways to which this resistance can be managed and brought down.  So, if the Sergeant would have asked him the penetrating questions, he would have identified the problem that is there to the officer and could have been saved from getting suspended. Instead of giving a corrective action straight away, he could have talked to him once point to point. This could also have saved the officer from becoming reluctant and less productive. is widely regarded as the most effective academic resource for students. On our website, you can find the best MBA assignment help. Our expert team can provide you with high-quality project management assignment help while meeting your deadline. If you also want business management assignment help at a cheaper rate then reach us today and place your order.


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