Why Etiquette Lapse Issue is Important?


a) Write a short paper (about 500 words, 12-point normal spacing) describing and analysing an etiquette lapse that you committed or observed in a business context (social, communication or office). Please explain why the behaviour was inappropriate and outline what should have been the appropriate behaviour under the circumstances.



In this assignment, we discuss an issue of etiquette lapse that occurred in a public scenario (with a business context in mind). This lapse is analysed as to why its a lapse in the first place and what could have been done to avoid this lapse.


An etiquette lapse is defined as one in which a person tends to act against a normal scenario i.e there is a deviation which occurs due to the etiquettes not being followed by that person. In today’s world, with business and social settings having a very keen watch on the way an employee or any person associated to the company behaves and this also tends to be an evaluative mechanism wherein it is brought under check when such cases arise.
We would now have a look at such an etiquette issue that I had observed on a social front. Rather we would be seeing two issues that I would like to pinpoint based on the etiquette issues that arose in a dinner table during one of our meetings with few business people.

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Etiquette lapse

The etiquette lapse that we are going to discuss here is one which I observed during a social dinner that was organised on behalf of my friend which had the presence of several dignitaries and also few C level executives who were known to my friend’s father were present.

The event had few informal people from my friend’s side and few employees of my friend’s father’s company who attended the dinner. It was a 5 star hotel and the dinner was organised in the pool side giving an ambient setting for the visitors to get a feel of home. As the dinner began and in a particular table, where few mid level employees were present had to accommodate two higher level dignitaries. The first etiquette lapse happened wherein one mid level employee could not find a fork in his cutlery and took the fork from his neighbour’s unused cutlery without taking permission.

Secondly, the same person once he had finished having his dinner, did not place the used cutlery (fork and spoons) in the usual way and kept it in a hap hazard manner. The Japanese dignitary sitting on his table was not pleased with this behaviour and I saw him expressing his displeasure to his colleague from Japan.

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How could this be avoided?

Knowing that one is going to attend a high class dinner which is going to be attended by several senior executives, normal table manners could have been read about or videos could have been watched on YouTube. It is also general manners to not pick up stuff from others without asking their permission is also learning. The person who did the act should have at least apologised for this act of misconduct as dignitaries expect a lot out of their counterparts in terms of personal hygiene, etiquette as well as behaviour.


From the above example we can see that personal etiquettes have a high relation to the general behaviour of one person. Other people who come along for such social meetings do have a keen watch on what’s happening around them. This should always been taken into account for and people should be very conscious as to how they behave in public.

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