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Assignment based on Roles of school, business, and community partners in providing best educational practices for student.



In this present paper, we will discuss the role of school, business, and community partners in providing best educational practices to students. The educational practices are defined as the teaching practices which are used to educate the student in order to improve the knowledge through teaching and learning. The open educational practices are used currently in order to facilitate the flexible and collaborative learning environment to the students. It comprises of the online participation by the students which provide a high quality of learning facilities to the students. The open educational practices promote the innovation in the methods of teaching and learning which improves the knowledge of the students.
The good educational practices include open educational practices which help to provide effective and collaborative learning to the students. It comprises of online education classes which are provided by the mentor to the students in order to generate flexible learning environment to motivate the students for getting knowledge (Gall et al., 2013). It includes the innovative practices which are provided by the teachers in order to generate the interest of the student and engage them in studies. The educational practices include assessment of the students quarterly which helps to check the knowledge and learning gain by the students within the particular time period. The classroom discussion is another effective educational practice which helps to increase the knowledge of the student by discussing the topic with the student and teacher. It helps to clear the understanding of the topic which is very necessary in order to attain high knowledge. The feedback is defined as the view which is given for individual student on the basis of marks obtains by the students in the schools. It is very necessary in order to improve the deficiencies of the students which can be improved through clearing the understanding of student regarding the particular topic. The communication between the teacher and student is very necessary in order to improve the performance of students within the particular time period. The meta-cognitive strategy is defined as the strategy which is used to promote the high educational practices for the students by monitoring their own performance which helps to improve the learning outcome of the students. 
The offices also play an important role in providing good educational practices by supporting the academic institutions and students through various programmes. The offices provide training and development to the students in order to improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce which enable to work towards the vision of the company. The community-based organizations support the students in entering the colleges (Lysenko et al., 2014). It also assists the students in generating the interest towards the school which helps to understand the topic in a most efficient and effective manner.

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Role of school

In the 1990s, the schools are characterized by continued interaction with the communities but the today's administration requires skills and knowledge in order to work with the diverse communities in which the schools exist. The administration of the school needs to be multi-talented in order to provide knowledge and learning according to the diverse nature of the community. The school plays the central role in the development of the student by providing a high quality of educational services to the students. The schools with the good practices have the common approach of promoting the practices of wellbeing. The effective practices are done by the schools in order to provide excellent education practices to the students such as the focus on improvement, the layer of support, developing the implicit values of the schools, and focus on the balancing of achievement and wellbeing (Schunk et al., 2012). The culture of the school highly impacts on the knowledge and learning of the students. For example, the good culture of the school leads to provide the high quality of educational practices through the use of innovative technologies of teaching which enhance the capabilities of the student. The improvement in the student often starts with the development of the school culture to become wellbeing. The outcome of the school's culture is the development of all the students. The culture is developed by the leaders through shared value and the positive relationship with the community of the school. The actions of the school are based on the cultural values which help to provide high education practices for the students. The process of educational learning starts from the school due to which it plays a central role in providing high educational practices to the students. The decisions of the students are trusted which is based on considering the students. The values and positive culture of the school are developed through strategic planning which enables to provide excellent educational practices to the students. The wellbeing goals are embedded in the vision of the schools which helps to provide good educational practices in order to improve the knowledge of the students. The regular reports of the students have been made in order to check the level of knowledge gained by the students. The culture of the school to become wellbeing is focused from the adults to the school focus. The values of the schools are implicit in the planning and practices of the school which are developed by considering the enhancement of student's knowledge.  The schools with the good wellbeing have the desire to achieve the successful outcome among the students. The curriculum activities in the schools promote the educational practices in a most efficient and effective manner.  The online classes are provided by the schools in order to enhance the knowledge of the students which provides the learning of technology as well. The schools with the practices of well-being provide the opportunities to develop the confidence among the students which motivates the students to perform well in the academics. The knowledge and learning are impacted by the schools to the students. The education provided by the schools enables to get the employment opportunities through learning and knowledge from the best educational practices (Arends et al., 2014). The schools play an important role in the development of the students through best educational practices which enable the students to get the experience of education. The core values of students are shaped by the educational practices which are provided to the students. The structure of the curriculum comprises of various subjects which improve the knowledge in the particular area. The role plays an important role in building opportunities for the students which enables to enrich the future of the student. 

Importance of school community relations 

In the present administration of schools, it is expected to be multi-talented in order to provide excellent educational practices to the students. The instructional issues must be improved firstly in order to improve the management of the schools. It is expected from the administration if the school that the communication will be improved by them in response to special interest groups. The links must be developed with the community which enables to develop the excellent skills to become the successful administrator (Gestwicki et al., 2015). The administration of the school must do a good job and communicate the success of the school with others. The positive relationship between the school and community enables to provide excellent educational practices to the students with the particular time period. The strong administration system of the school is required which enables to provide good opportunities to the students, and that directly increase the skills and learning are of the students. The changes in the schools have been predicted in the last two generations which show that the nature of communist communities is pluralistic. The relationship of administration with the communities provides opportunities such as communication with the students, dealing with the crisis and response to the various special groups. The equaling of schools with the crisis provides the climate prediction of the school after the crisis. 
The school must have the credibility, clear line of communication and effective plan which enables to provide excellent educational practices to the students. The effective administration system helps to provide the baseline of information which enables to measure the success of implementing the program by comparing the needs with the actual performance. The growth of students' knowledge is increased from the effective curriculum of the school which enables to provide high opportunities with the good educational practices. The good educational practices include a clear understanding of a topic, classroom discussion, feedback, meta-cognitive strategies and formative assessment which helps to check the learning and knowledge of the student by taking the formative assessment of the students. The good educational practices require the involvement of parents which helps to support the student in learning and gaining knowledge with the particular time period. The graded homework helps to assess the understanding of the topic by the student which enables to provide effective educational practices. The innovative teaching strategies must be used by the teachers who help to provide clear and effective learning to the students. The direct teaching is another method which enables to provide effective educational practices to the students. 
The curriculum of homework is another good educational practice which is provided by the schools to the students in order to revise the topic which was taught in the classroom. The approach is supported by the parents and educators cooperation which enable to gain a clear understanding of curriculum to the student. The special activities should be provided by the educators in order to motivate the student to do learning at school and as well as at home. The large scale programme must be promoted by the schools which help to motivate the students to gain learning in a systematic manner (Hart et al., 2013). 
The grade work is another educational practices provided by the schools which act as a motivation to gain high knowledge of particular topic within the particular item period. The school requires giving homework to the student in order to evaluate the learning and knowledge of the students within the particular time period. The students with the great knowledge and skills got the high grades in the formative assessment which helps to get the opportunities to work in the reputed companies. The teachers play a central role in the development of the students which enables to provide excellent knowledge and to learn through curriculum activities within the particular time period.  The six phases in the direct teaching include regular review, present of new skills and contents, guided student practices with the monitoring of the students, corrective feedback, independent practice in work and review monthly and weekly. The tutoring helps the student to provide clear and in-depth knowledge of the topic within the particular item period, and it is assessed by the regular formative assessment which helps to evaluate the learning of the student within the particular time period. The community partners also play an important role in providing educational practices by having a good relationship with the schools which supports the schools in providing good educational practices through the effective administrative system of the school.  

Role of business

The business is playing very important role in transforming the role of business in best educational practices. The trend of education is improving in the business by providing through business strategies and operation which enables to provide educational practices through two ways, namely, on the job and off the job training. On the job training is provided to the employees at the workplace which helps to perform the particular job in a most efficient and effective manner through getting knowledge and learning. 
The business, government and leaders of education are working together in order to improve the effectiveness of education system. It is the share value creation approach which is used by the community in order to improve the education system. All are working together in order to improve the workforce achievements and level of students.  The two distinct approaches are shared value creation is developed in order to provide success to the students through innovative educational practices (Peter et al., 2013). The skills are developed in employees through providing educational practices in order to improve the economic abilities and employability of the communities. The online education practices are provided by the businesses which help to improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce and students. The benefits of the online practices include multiple goals of representation, frequent and constructive feedback, instructor guidance and support, and frequent learning for the active learning. The community-based organizations provide the opportunity of learning through educational practices at the workplace which provide efficiency to the employees in working towards the vision of the company. The business plays an important role in providing pathways to the students by giving various opportunities to the fresher's in order to grow their career professionally. The community-based organizations help to provide the effective plan in order to become well positioned. These types of organizations are mainly working for economic and social needs of individuals. This type of organization also helps the students to get ready for higher studies. Their services include youth development focus, comprehensive services, and reliable information to support the students. The impact of the community-based organization on the students include high attendance of students in schools, increase the number of students participation in various courses, increase the interest of the students in the curriculum activities, and motivates the students to get a high education from the school and colleges. The organization plays an important role providing high educational practices through various academic support programs in order to improve the educational practices for the students. It also helps the students in developing the academic behavior in order to prepare the students for college studies. It also served various activities to the students which enable to value their cultural and social backgrounds. It also helps to provide the new experience to the students and boost their career according to their interest and goals. It helps to provide strategic ways by collecting and analyzing the data which can be used in the schools in order to generate the interest of the students, and the outcome of the strategic way is to get the clear understanding of the topic. The various organizations provide charity for the students of low-income background which helps to achieve the high quality of the degree from the colleges which prepare the students to earn the sustainable income for their families.  

Role of Business Houses

As per the today scenario, it can be said that businesses play an important role in imparting education to the student. The partnership between the schools and businesses can see across the nations. This partnership represents a value in the communities. They are known for providing better education. It is because they provide various facilities to schools so that future of the students can manage in an efficient manner (Van Praag, 2013). Generally, businesses provide different work-based learning experiences with which students can strengthen their learning skills as per as the work experience which helps them further in getting better success opportunities. On the other hand, it provides various types of grants to the management of schools so that they can arrange the best resources to imparting education to their students. With the help of various financial and non-financial helps, management of the schools arranges various career cultures and success-oriented programs that empower students in greater extent.
Furthermore, they are also providing various types of schemes to give motivation and encourage the student to do something innovative and brilliant in their fields. This not only motivates the student but also encourage them to build their career and perform very well in their exams as well as in another activity also. Recently, there are lots of business houses which provide brilliant efforts in imparting the best education to students such as Johnson and Johnson, P & G, etc. Both companies perform various efforts to provide the best education to students. Johnson and Johnson do this by conducting a program which named as The Bridge to Employment. With the help of this program, it provides support to students of poor families. It works for reducing the gap between an uneducated person and the educated person (Baden, 2014). The main motive of the organization behind conducting this program is to provide best education practices to students so that they can face any future challenge without facing any hurdle. It can be said that the case for business-education alliances becomes so popular because of the value it can bring to improving the career of students. The motive behind the business-education alliances is to ensure that all students’ graduates academically prepared for the college level, and citizenship so that they can perform efforts further to grow their career. 
The business community of the U.S has a long legacy of making various types of strategic investments in schools so that they can improve the education and training of young American students.  Apart of this, business houses of US also give the training facilities to students so that they can enhance their working experience by getting live working experience. It can be said that the skills, resources, and knowledge businesses, as well as associations and their employees, contribute efficiently towards imparting best education. It teaches the individual student how to utilise their ambitions and talents inefficient manner so that can raise lots of opportunities for growing themselves. Strategic partnership between the schools and businesses has a tremendous effect on the effectiveness of schools or the lives of young people. In short, it can be said that when the different business houses and schools come together, they bring meaning an improvement in the promotion of innovation and the career of students (Carroll et al., 2014). All this is done through imparting best education facilities with the best resources. There are large business houses such as not for profit organization and charity institutes which carry significant steps in improving the career of students through providing the best education. Recently, business houses support schools by providing $4 billion annually for providing best facilities to students. Every year a large number of companies and their employees donate tens of thousands of hours of volunteer time to support institutional effectiveness as well as student achievement. There are a large variety of assets with which they support the schools for imparting best education practices to students. They provide funding for technology and learning materials. With the help of both things schools able to deliver the best education and learning support to their students (Sigurjonsson et al., 2014). On the other hand, it also prepares a team with educators. This team mainly identifies the core competencies of students which they want to perform well in schools and career. By doing all this, they support not only the schools but also increase the motivation level of students, and they perform their works with large dedication.
Thus, it can be said that schools play an efficient role in imparting education facilities to the students with the help of schools. We can measure this by identifying the different scholarship facilities imparting by the business houses for build the career of students.

Role of Community Partners

In today scenario, community plays an important role in providing best education practices to the student through different schools. The community is known as the characteristics shared by the different members of language, culture, class, geography, tradition, law, and race. It is the combination of different social persons like policy makers and the citizens. They involved in the education for seeking different ways to utilize available limited resources effectively and efficiently in order to measure and solve the existing problems in the education sectors and to impart quality education to students. It can be said that education takes place not only in different schools but also in society, families, and communities. Due to the high responsibility of every group, no one can efficiently take 100% responsibility for educating the students (Müller-Christ et al., 2014). Society and community provide education facilities by supporting the parents and family member in the socializing, upbringing, and educating children. Community promotes the best education practices by conducting collaboration with the management of the school. It designs the curriculum to imparting education to students. It is done so by providing necessary learning material to the students. On the other hand, it also provides monetary support to students so that they utilize advanced learning facilities to imparting best education to students. Recently, there is high competition in the education sector. In the absence of proper facilities, students remain back in their career and not able to cope with challenges of today environment.
Generally, there are three models of community and education. The foremost important model is traditional community-based education. According to this model the community is responsible for providing necessary education services to new generations of young people. This should be done to transmitting economic skills and local norms. As per this model, education is highly based on local social relations and school or community relations. According to this model, the government plays a minor role in imparting education to needed students. On the other hand, another model is government provided education. According to this model of community and school, the government has the overall responsibility to provide effective and efficient education facilities to students (Uemura et al., 1999). This is done through offering various monetary help and providing training facilities to enhance the practical skills of students. As per this model, all content is standardized within different countries, and governments have diminished the role of community. Therefore, a lack of management incapability and resources has proven that cannot provide the efficient educational practices, learning materials, fully, equipped school buildings, and high-quality teachers. This arises various difficulties in front of the community. It takes the sole responsibility of imparting education facilities to some selected schools so that they can efficiently play their role without doing any type of mistake. The third model is collaborative mode. According to this model, community plays a major role in imparting best education facilities to students so that they can exploit various career opportunities in an efficient manner. In this model, community plays a major role, and the government plays a supportive role in providing education facilities. 
Community contributed to the success of children by providing them various cultural and language knowledge. This helps the students in improving their communication as well as knowledge skills with which they can also face the different cultures and can make the best career. Apart of this, it also gives huge contribution in improving the climate and programs of the schools. Due to this, they can develop confidence and various skills with which they can give competition to the students of the other institutes (Buckingham et al., 2013). The environment of the schools plays an important role in developing the social behavior of students. Community focuses more on making improvements in the environment of schools so that the students can learn the best practices and utilize them in their day to day life. The community is considered the first school of a child and it plays an important role in shaping their behavior or thoughts. The community also did so by providing various family services so that student can feel a healthy environment and can enhance their knowledge as well as skills. On the other hand, community arranges different programs for improving the leadership quality and skills of parents because they play a major role in shaping the behavior of students.
The main motive of the community behind conducting education programs is to improve the delivery of education so that children learn better and can efficiently prepare themselves for the changing environment.  It establishes such educational programs which maximizing the limited resources in an efficient manner. There are different community institutions which are highly involved in imparting education facilities to provide skills and knowledge to students. The government found him incapable of doing so. It is because the government has a lack of resources and capabilities to support the education programs to children. On the other hand, the community also establishes various development plans for the development of relevant curriculum (Townsend et al., 2013). This is done through providing the efficient learning material to the students. They are supported by providing required books and technologies to enhance their skills and knowledge. This established curriculum represents the everyday lives of children in society. In Papua New Guinea, community delivers the education facilities by establishing its goals which link the culture of pupils with the culture of the school. Apart from providing educational facilities it also carries out necessary steps to measure the factors that contribute various educational problems like poor academic performance or low participation. For measuring such problem community of different countries takes different steps such as the community of Gambia formulates Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques to measure all educational problems.
 On the other hand, with the promotion of education, it also takes the initiative to promote the education of girl child such as UNICEF community engages in promoting the education of girls (Wickrama et al., 2012). It was done through providing various financial and necessary supports to the family of girls. Furthermore, to promote the girl education, the communities also participate in various activities of the schools and frequently communicating with parents, teachers and the other required staff members. It was done to improve the various life aspects of the girls so that they can grow in their future instead of depending on others. Community participates in imparting education programs via different channels. The below mentioned are some ways by which community help in imparting education to students:

  • Community offer different educational and enrollment facilities to provide education benefits to students

  • It also take initiatives to improve the morale of different staff members so that they can contribute their best efforts in providing education to students

  • Raising money for schools so that they can bring advanced technology for providing education

  • It also provides monetary helps to build a sustainable school environment so that they can learn better.

  • It also established different education committees to manage the functions of schools in an efficient manner.

  • It is also performing efforts to measure the potential educational problems with which students are suffered. By doing so, it wants to establish best measures of student motivation.

Thus, it can be said that community plays an efficient role in imparting education to students. It does not provide monetary support to students but also offer behavioral support with which they can learn the things as sooner as possible. The main focus of community behind providing education facilities is to strong the educational base of students so that they can face the current challenges in an efficient manner without facing any hurdle.


After studying all this, it can be concluded that schools, community and business houses play an efficient role in strengthening the base of students. On the basis of getting skills, and knowledge they can efficiently face the current challenges and get a successive position in their career. Recently, a large number of business houses engaged in imparting education facilities to students. They are done this through establishing a strong relationship with different schools and colleges or formulating charity organizations to provide education facilities. This can understand through the example of Johnson and Johnson or the P & G. They contribute a big part of their income towards providing education facilities to students. They not only strengthening the educational base but also strengthening the practical knowledge base of the students (Smith et al., 2014). Practical knowledge is imparted through establishing different training sessions. On the other hand, the community also plays an efficient role by opening different committees. With the help of these committees, they not only providing the educational facilities but also manage the current education structure of schools. Due to these facts, it is considered that community has a vast experience in imparting education facilities to improve the educational base of students. Through all this, it can be said that schools, businesses, and community play a major role in shaping the future of students. It gives them the opportunity to grow on their feet. In exchange, it requires huge efforts, and high dedication from the students. In the absence of proper feedback towards students, all efforts become a failure, and they cannot get success in achievement of their objectives.

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