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This video essay discusses the sex cult presented by Lady Gaga in some of her famous songs.
The link for the video has been attached below:
Anon. 2016. "Lady Gaga - I Like It Rough". YouTube. Retrieved December 1, 2016 (
In this song, Lady Gaga declares that she like it rough with her man. In the video, she is wearing raunchy bikinis and swimsuits, and by the end of the video she makes it extreme and is seen to wear the nude colour bikini. She is seen to crawl and roll and ends in the orgasmic heap.

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Sex Cult by Till

Till suggests that various characteristics are present in the popular music that help it define as a sex cult. The issues of physical and sexual transgression are included in the music scenes and usually amalgamated with the issues of commitment and identity. Additionally, the acceptance towards these sexual practices had led to the encouragement of these cultures. A liberal attitude of sexual ethics where the gay culture, eroticism of soul and blues, the rhytm'n'blues raunch, etc. have been seen to have encouraged explicitly. A key role in changing mainstream sexual ethnic have been performed by the changing pattern of music. He uses the term brainwashing while addressing all types of cults. (Till, R., 2010, page 31).

Lady Gaga and Sex Cult

Lady Gaga has presented music and popular culture that explicitly displays sexuality. Her song “Teeth” presents the joys of sex and pain related to it, similarly, the song “Dance in the Dark” is about sex and related insecurities. Her song “Boys, Boys, Boys” is regarding the sexual attraction towards male (Halberstam, J. J., 2012, page 55). Even the videos of the songs where Lady Gaga is presented modestly with less sexual nature are seen to feature ample amount of sexuality. Her song “You and I” deals with romantic love presenting Gaga as a mermaid who is having sex with a normal man. Apart from her videos, the live performances and concert are seen to display sexuality. During one of her concerts, she encouraged the audiences to get their “dicks” out and called them “motherfuckers”. Interestingly, her back dancers are also seen to spice the stage by their sexual portrayal.  
Argument For Till’s perspective 
I completely agree with Till and believe that the case of the cults have been presented from the times of Elvis Presley and Madonna but disagree that it is the only classification for the music cultures and their elevation from the cultic status.  

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