The Resolute of Enterprise Architecture


Using the DMV case study provided, determine how an EA could be used to help the DMV accomplish the objectives stated explicitly and implicitly in the case study. The organization discussed in the case study has many issues with its current environment and many changes that it wants to make. It has not established an EA program yet. The purpose of your paper is to briefly explain what an EA program is, and then justify a recommendation to establish an EA program for the organization.


An enterprise architecture is an ideational blueprint which demonstrates the organization’s operations and structure. The resolute of an enterprise architecture is to arbitrate that how a company can gain the future and current objectives effectively and efficiently. An enterprise architecture is the most significant and effective way which allows the organizations to make use of technology and various capabilities of the IT in order to support the objectives and business goals of the organization. An enterprise architecture is defined as the solution to formulize the environment of an information technology, minimizes cost, and maximizes agility. In other words, “enterprise architecture is measured as the aligned and structured collection of various plans for the embodied representation of the company and the IT geography of an enterprise, in every kind of state” (Bernus et al., 2012). has expertise and experience in coursework writing help. Our team has professionals with relevant industry experience who can provide you with the best information technology assignment help. So without wasting any of your time place your order and get the best quality assignment writing.

The Motor Vehicle Department is a comprehensive organization in the guidance of Transportation's Secretary, and its usual services are capability, processing of tax, and information management and safety for overnight transportation. At present, each of the business like, processing of tax, credentials, and management of finances has their own processes and systems. The motor vehicle department has decided the restructure the system of CSI. The motive of this restructure to place all the smashed processing of motor vehicle department's core areas of business in single contemporize system that is competent to embody the processes of the motor vehicle department whilst having complete functionality. The newly structured system should interface the other system, like motor vehicle department's purchasing, VCIN (Virginia Criminal Information Network), inventory, system of human resource, system of traffic records electronic data, and various other systems. The program of enterprise architecture is the most appropriate solution which can be used to shift from the present obsolete system to the new contemporize system. Further, the program of enterprise architecture uses materialize technology and also the technology which is already in place to gain all the CSI restructure objectives of the motor vehicle department. Moreover, the program of enterprise architecture pertains all required disciplines, standards and policies in order to meet the regulations and the laws.

Examples of enterprise architecture program benefiting the motor vehicle department:

  • Design and implementation of systems: At present, the department of the motor vehicle has smashed processes for core areas of the business like credentials, processing of tax, and the management of the finances. The program of enterprise architecture can also help in designing and implementing the single contemporize system in order to place all the systems and processes together.

  • Alignment of business IT: using the program of the enterprise architecture make sure the understanding of department of motor vehicle’s objectives of the business like centralizing the varied applications, offering a financial component, enriching the better and advanced security, and by ascertaining business goals of the department of motor vehicle. Program of the enterprise architecture helps the company to select the best technology to the existing and present technology in order to achieve the business goals of the department of motor vehicle.

  • Requirements engineering: The documentation of enterprise architecture helps in order to maximize the speed of gathering the required information for the department of motor vehicles CSI restructured system from the users, stakeholders, and the customers. Further, the documentation makes sure the accuracy of the requirements.

  • The complexity of IT: Integration of the process and system of the department of a motor vehicle makes the new system complicated. The program of enterprise architecture helps in minimizing the complexity of the system as much as possible.

  • Project management: Enterprise architecture demonstrates each role of the project stakeholder and maximizes the communication and collaboration among them.

One example is that which Aparna Raman and Anjali Kaushik demonstrated in their study that how the enterprise architecture is used to the system of healthcare in India.  “ An approach of enterprise architecture to the information system development of health enables more significant inter relationships which are being unfold including various components which are required to be aligned to various parts and minimizing the incentives and risk of fragmentation, replication and lack of interoperability” (Kaushik, A., & Raman, A. 2015). Another example demonstrates that hoe enterprise architecture is used in Dell. Dell is known as the main manufacturer of the personal computers across the world. Dell uses it EA team in order to figure out the direction for future for the team of IT with a road map of three years. According to Dell, the usage of enterprise architecture is to reach the business goals, the company required to change the infrastructure of IT. The process includes the consolidation of various multi-national systems in order to improvise the efficiency, minimize the cost, and administer the common standards (Chae et al., 2014).
The program of enterprise architecture is useful for the organizations like the department of the motor vehicle to redesign the present system to better and contemporize systems. The program of enterprise architecture, the current and first stage (processes and systems) be completely realized.  Then the guide of enterprise architecture the company to utilize appropriate technology in order to reach the goals and objectives of the business. Efficiency and agility are some of the major goals of the enterprise architecture (Simon et al., 2014).

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