DATE: JANUARY 30, 2016
On behalf of the Blue Note, Inc. (BN), it gives us great pleasure in conveying our heart -felt appreciation to the members of the top management, in the way you all have successfully handled the recent project of Blue Note, Inc. and in order to reward the management, the president wants to take the team on an all-expenses-paid fly-fishing adventure in Alaska.
The trip is organized for a five-day-fly-fishing expedition down the Tikchik river system in Alaska. From June 21 to June 25 at a cost, not more than US$30,000. 



  1. Weather problems- as the Tikchik river system is an island, so the weather is not certain. Sometimes, the weather is very cold and unbearable. And it will make difficult for the guests to enjoy their trip. The challenging weather conditions will impact the trip as everyone will face the challenge of cold and degrading health. The weather problem is the most expected one on the trip and it has considered that the trip members will consider right measures to handle this challenge. 

  2. Air transportation to and from base camps- There might be a risk in air transportation for the guests from one base camp to another, as the sizes of the camps are not that big, and the guests put their life on risk. And due to bad weather it may make difficult for the guests to move from one place to another. The air transportation is the most important aspect of such trip and all time availability of the same is necessary for comfortable trip. However, as the weather is expected to not cooperating with the trip, the air transportation will face challenge in running the flights. This will pose bigger challenge for the trip members, particularly in case of emergency situations.

  3. Accident/medical problem- As the trip is adventurous, there are more chances of accident and health issues of the guests as the guests have to face challenges and complete the tasks. The number of accidents is more in the adventurous trips. The challenges concerning the accident is frequent as the trip is adventurous and it can be fatal if someone gets into such condition as there will be few medical facilities available on such trips.

  4. Lost equipment- As the trip is about fly-fishing, guests might lose their equipment, and this might create a problem for their remaining journey as they will not be able to do fly-fishing during their rest of the journey. The loss of equipment will impact the trip if the loss is vital else it can be counted as minor ones. The loss of equipment can also be managed effectively and the strategies for the same have been discussed in another section.

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Weather problems    Reducing risk    Have emergency evacuation plan ready    It depends on security and weather    
Air transportation to and from base camps    Transferring risk    Have another source ready in case of emergency    Soon, as time delay is established    Me
Accident/medical problems    Reducing Risk    Have an emergency evacuation plan ready. Insurance can be handy here also for accidental covers. It depends on security of problem    BN
Lost equipment    Transferring Risk    Have more equipment sent    When equipment is lost    Me
The risk response matrix is defined as the process of making strategic options or plans, and determining the action, to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats to the main objective. The risk response matrix is designed by the project team member, and he is the responsible for each and every risk response. Each risk response is clearly monitored because it has to be implemented further. When we consider the response risk methodology, it is very important to find the impacts of the decision. The impact of responding might help in the short-term, but the impact of the risk needs to be taken completely. The response time matrix focuses on the risk event which may occur during the fly-fishing try to Alaska and further shows the responses of the risk, a contingency plan to the risk and about the trigger and who is responsible for the risk if it occurs. 
Catastrophic     Accident/Medical Problems    5
Fatal    Air transport challenges    4
Serious    Lost Equipment    3
Minor    Weather Problems    2
Negligible    None     1
LIKELIHOOD    1    2    3    4    5
5    5    10        15        20    25
4    4    8    12    16    20
3    3    6    9    12    15
2    2    4    6    8    10
1    1    2    3    4    5


  • Weather problems- the weather of Alaska is very uncertain as it is very cold because it is an island. The best time to visit Alaska is in mid -May to mid-September. During this time, the weather is pleasant and not that cold. The guests will enjoy their visit as their planning to visit Alaska in June. And if there would be a problem of weather then guides of Alaska would evacuate the guests from that place immediately as they have a provision of air transport from one camp to another. The guides are well trained and experienced, and they would not put the life of guests at any risk.

  • Air transportation to and from base camp- in Alaska the only way to go from one place to another is by air transport. Air transport is only in the Alaska, and it is the best mode of transportation. And in case the guests would face any problem by air transportation then the guides will keep the other source ready in case of emergency. The guides would use the boat transportation for the convenience of guests. The guides are well trained and experienced, and the guests don't have to worry about their safety as they are in the safe hands when they enter in Alaska.

  • Accidental/medical problems- the rules and regulations of Alaska are completely different and are strictly followed by the residents. And in case the guests face any accidental/medical problem then the immediate treatment would be given by the guides. Many accidents take place during the trips, but the medical team is always ready in order to provide first aid. The guides are given special training in order to deal the emergencies. They are always available for help and are easy to reach. The guests would not face any problem during their trip. The guides would be ready with the alternative measure.

  • Lost equipment- equipment is very important for the guests who come for fly-fishing. As they would not enjoy their trip if they would lose the equipment. And in case the guests lose their equipment the guides would be there in order to give them equipment in a short period of time. The guests would not feel disheartened about the loss of equipment. The guides are well trained in order to solve these type of problems. The guides would keep the extra equipment with them for the emergency and would help the guests. Moreover, the individuals will be instructed in the beginning that they are taking enough care of their equipment while they are moving. One of the major step that can be taken is to make a list of the items that are with everyone and cross check at each halt to ensure that nothing has been left behind.

This memorandum includes all the necessary details for a fly-fishing adventurous trip to Alaska. The memorandum states the project scope management i.e. deliverables, milestones, technical requirements, limits and exclusions and the review of clients. The risks are being identified based on the scope management, and the response matrix is developed based on the context of identified risks. Then, the project risk management strategies for the identified risks are given in order to make the guests comfortable and don’t feel that their lives are at high risk.
Therefore, the members of the top management of Blue Note, Inc. are invited for the five-day-fly-fishing expedition down the Tikchik system in Alaska. From June 21 to 25. And the cost is not so high so you all can join the adventurous trip. The president of Blue Note, Inc. is so proud of his top management that he decided to give them a reward and take them to an adventurous trip. We hope that all your desires are being satisfied with our deliverables and milestones. Alaska is a great place to visit as the place has the very unique mode of transport i.e. air transport. So, have a memorable journey.

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