Core Business Processes of AMAZON


Please provide a paper pertaining to the following with no graphs or images included. The organization that I chose to write about is Amazon.
i.   What are the specific steps an organization in your chosen industry would follow to identify the core business processes essential to the success of the business?
ii.  What are the specific steps an organization would take to identify the appropriate data elements used to support those core business processes, once the core business processes have been identified?
iii. What are the specific steps an organization would take to define those data elements to ensure everyone making use of the data fully understands the implications of interpreting that data?
iv. What are some of the critical roles an organization needs to fund in order to be successful in identifying, classifying, and developing actionable business intelligence?


Core Business Processes of AMAZON

Amazon business process is based on three operations - Browsing -: search and recommend the product and browse by category. Management of account -: regular checking of user shopping cart ,stock of sellers Shop -: find the product ,send it to shopping basket, finally make purchase 
A business process is a set of activities that will help in the accomplishment of organizational goal. Business Process Management is a systematic approach which helps in making the workflow of organization more effective as well as more efficient and organization become more capable to adapt the changes in this dynamic environment (Chamberlain, n.d.)
Business process is a link between an organization’s business and organization’s IT department. Some examples of business processes of AMAZON -:Receive the orders , invoice and shipping the products , updating the employee’s information.

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Business processes depends upon the objectives of the organization. To identify business processes amazon has these steps - 

  • Visualization - functions and processes of the organization,

  • Measurement - find out effective measures,

  • Examine - analyze all the stimulation for improvement,

  • Improvement - identify and applying the improvement,

  • Controlling - facilitating improvement by use of user defined dashboards and real time analytics and save the complete information about performance so that a report can be prepare for further improvement,

  • Reengineering - give new and improved form for better results

 If Amazon wants to identify it’s business processes in terms of revenue that how much revenue can be generated from the business processes and how much profit can be made by it. There are following steps to identify core business processes of Amazon. SEVEN steps to identify core business processes - Create business model, Develop process Map, Analyze financial statements.Fix speed of task, Define Leverage, Review a case study of core business processes ,Create a gap analysi

Data Elements to support Core Business Processes

Data elements are those that provides meaningful information or lengthy description into a short form or code .To gather the full set of requirements following questions is considered by Amazon- 

  • Who are the individual, group and organization of interest?

  • Why is data needed?

  • What functions need to be analyzed?

  • When does the data need to be recorded?

  • Where do relevant processes occur? 

Steps to identify data elements which support Amazon’s business processes-

  1. Plan the data -It involves development of business model as well as processes and also explains business processes with documentation,Find

  2. requirement of information - This step defines information needs of end users in business processes,

  3. Conceptual design -It expresses all information so that every user can easily identify.

Business processes once identified, data elements need to be identified for further process .Data elements are very important for the organization for the success of business process because it impacts in the process execution. All decisions are depends upon the driven data so identification is very crucial process.
It involves people, groups, policies, procedures, strategy, mission and vision of the company. Business Process includes all the entities of the organization .Business goal can be achieved with high level of customer satisfaction in the market  (Srivastava, 1999). For getting success, data element must be selected carefully and must be related with the organization goal.
Business activity can be sequenced properly if data is correct. This provides insights to the progress of the organization. It must be concise and easy to understand so that proper implementation can be done.

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How to understand data elements for the success of organization

Amazon always try to define all data elements so that everyone can easily understand and make use of all the data provided and take all the decisions . There are some steps which provide ease in the interpretation of the data provided.

  • Step 1- What data you need to collect - This starts from identification of data elements necessary for reporting and for improving quality of care.  It also helps in analyzing and evaluating data elements to improve overall capacity so that needs of target audiences can be contacted out  (Irani, 2013)             

  • Step 2 - Where can you find the data you need - It defines about the sources from where data   can be easily get. It also involves recording and storing of data.                         

  • Step 3 - Data Collection - Data is collected from various sources in raw position, it needs to be modified for easy understanding 

  • Step 4 - How do you know the data you get is good and accurately reflects what you trying to measure or report -  Good communication and regular training is provided to employees. Routine data quality improvement activities are done by specialists who evaluate data regularly.      

  • Step 5 - Data reporting - This step is very crucial because reporting should be done to right person in a right way so that employees can take right decision.     

  • Step 6 - Communicating about the data - Data must be communicated to inform the audience . Before disclosing data to audience, data is properly analyzed and data is used for planning and quality improvement.             

  • Step 7 - How to use data - Data is used for evaluation of program activities as well as for improvement. Gaps are easily identified.              

These are the steps by which employee of amazon can easily understand the data elements  and interpret all the data elements easily and help in the success of the organization and meet out all the needs of the target populations.

Role of organization in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a process with two primary activities that is getting data in and getting data out. Getting data in refers data warehousing involves transferring data from a set of systems into an integrated data warehouse  (El-Sawy, 2001).
Getting data out refers to deliver the data to user wants to access the data and want to make use of it to make decisions.

Role of Amazon

  • Treat employees with trust, respect and compassion

  • Open and honest communication among all with integrity

  • Enabling professional and organizational standards to be met

  • Appreciate achievement and accomplish success

  • Develop healthy and safety environment

  • Always welcome new ideas

 Key areas of responsibilities of Amazon for business intelligence

  • Development of business intelligence, reporting and development strategy

  • Manage business intelligence

  • Data integration and development solutions

  • Support data quality improvement

  • Manage service requests and incidents

  • Manage problems

  • Manage human resources

  • Manage suppliers

Business intelligence has different types of skills requirements, having uniform demands from business, technology, process and human resource. Amazon follows these responsibilities for the proper functioning of business intelligence in the organization. Business Intelligence always assists in production process and manages vendors for production support. It behaves proactively to reduce the production issues. Amazon provides helpdesk for problem solution and do complete analysis of causes.


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