The Murders in the Rue Morgue


The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “The Case of the Speckled Band” 



It has been analyzed that the detective fictions always include the same elements. ‘The murders in the Roe morgue’ is written by Edgar Poe and ‘The adventure of the speckled band’ is written by Conan Doyle. As these stories were written many years apart, they still share similar elements. In detective fiction more emphasis is given on the mystery of the crime. The story revolves around the clues. Doyle was born in 1859 in and Edgar was born in 1809 in Boston. Further, both the stories are connected, and the comparison is based on the text ‘The murders in the Roe morgue’ and ‘The adventure of the speckled band’ both the stories had a piece of very significant information which was common as in both the stories an animal was involved which was locked in a room. 
The characters which will be discussed further are Holmes from Doyle's story as he was popular for his innovative techniques of deduction. He was a master in disguise because his expressions were changed according to his cloths. He had a knowledge of reading facial expressions, footprints, wounds, dust, etc. Dupin from Poe's story was very humble in life. He was not a detective by profession, but he did that for pleasure. He had knowledge of mathematics, and he also knew the tricks to imitate the handwriting of a person. Further, by comparing Holmes and Dupin, the source for the story of Doyle will be ostensible.

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The detectives of both stories have the capabilities in order to solve the mysteries just by looking at the details. For instance, Dupin gets the nail in the window which is assumed to be shut, but after investigation, he identifies that the window can also remain open as that was the passage to escape the room. Similarly, Holmes also focuses on the details like Dupin, as he identified that the death was a suicide and was actually committed by three men. He identified this by looking at the butts of the cigar which were found at the crime scene. He found that various types of cigars were used (Ledermann D, Walter). Therefore, both the stories have a connection as both the detectives focus on the small details in order to solve the mysteries.
Another instance, in ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ the description of Orang-utan was given which was gathered by combining the reports of the eyewitnesses. They said that they saw a killer with a strength of superman and was not having human hair, his voice was similar to humans, but the language was not recognizable. The detective got the fingerprints of him at the scene. Similarly, Dupin used the thumbprints in order to frame the person which was taken from a copied seal with wax and after that blood was mixed to the wax and the print was forcefully pushed against the wall (Bertman, S). Therefore, both the stories have a connection as both the detectives used fingerprints in order to identify the killer and solve the mystery.
Another instance, both the detectives have the ability to study human behavior as this helped them in finding the missing person and understanding the behavior of the antagonist. Poe stated that the best place to hide the object is to leave on the table as not an important item. Further, Dupin has the capability to read the mind of the companion by observing him closely (Mura, G. and M. Vanzi). Similarly, Holmes pretense the momentary expression, a small glance of an eye or twitch of a muscle. Holmes depends on the predictability of the behavior of human in order to identify what will happen next and what will be the course of action (Reed, J.). Therefore, both the stories have a connection as both the detectives have the capability to read human behavior. 
The reader should understand that ‘The adventure of the speckled band’ is written after ‘The murders in the Roe morgue’ but still, there was a connection between both the stories. It can be understood that all the mystery stories have some connection with each other. The reader should understand that the characters who have taken in the instances are both the detectives and have so many similarities in order to solve the mysteries. Therefore, the rewriting of the story in small instances helped in understanding the connection more deeply between both the texts.


There was enough evidence in the stories that showed Holmes relied to Dupin. Both the detectives had so many things in common, and Doyle also named Dupin in his work. So, it can be said that Poe’s stories were inspirational for Doyle. Both the detectives had similar traits of the character, and they had knowledge in all types of interpretations, and they were very sharp in finding clues, unlike others in order to solve the mystery. Both the stories also had a similar type of narrators and had similarities in maximum areas. Furthermore, Doyle admitted that Bell was just an instance for him, but the similar reasoning had been used by Dupin of Poe as well. Bell was just an addition to Doyle, but it was not the complete foundation at which Holmes was developed. There were some differences as well between both the detectives because of the new and innovative techniques which were implemented during the time of Doyle’s writing so used different techniques as compared to Poe. Therefore, both the stories overlap each other in many aspects, and it can be said that Dupin of Poe was used as re-working for Doyle’s Holmes. 

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