The Importance of a Positive Working Environment





This research paper focuses on the importance of a positive working environment in a workplace. The work environment is not only just made up of office area, boss, employees but also the coordination and environment inside the office. In addition, the environment is made up of policies, professional tie-ups, resources, culture of company (Culbertson & Joyner, 2006).
A good management human resource set up also defines a comfortable and positive workplace environment. It has been proved that without a good environment for the employees, the results are not much satisfactory for the company (Bekaert & Engstrom, 2010). The office places that cultivate a calm and helping environment have a group of much dedicated employees and the work turnover is always high in these cases. It is being said that happiness at workplace maximizes the psychological capital for their success. The employees feel valued this way and a good environment gives them a sense of value and identity. (Buttel, Geisler, & Wiswall, 1984).

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If it is compared generally, the motivated employees are more efficient than the disengaged ones (Culbertson & Joyner, 2006). The less efficient employee misses more office days and costs more to their employers. Keeping high morale of the employees is the best thing an employer can try to instil loyalty and helps in maintaining a good and productive workplace for the employees (Bekaert & Engstrom, 2010).
The process of building a good environment in the workplace needs some basic steps. Firstly, it is important to hire good and right people for the company. The choice of people tells employer about the capabilities and abilities of employee of how much he or she can contribute in workday and how much the person will stay with the organisation (Chianis A. , 2013). A good working environment should have employees who know their responsibilities and understand the roles and their influence on the customers. Motivation is a very important fact for a good workplace. The manger or employer must try to motivate its employees by giving their own example of hard work and success (Chianis A. , 2013). The employees must be valued and supported inside the organisation. Relations between the employee and the employer affect the working space environment a lot (Michie, 2000). An organisation must have high standards and must always show commitment towards their goals (Bekaert & Engstrom, 2010). There must be a good communication among the people working together. Consultation and appreciation also effects the environment positively and helps (Culbertson & Joyner, 2006).


Here it will be discussed and proved that a healthy as well as comfortable workplace will be more effective and helpful not only to the employer and the employee but to the organisation. An organisation is made up of employees, employers and customers (Brunot & Media, 2016). The interaction between the three is very much important for carrying out a healthy business. This is only possible when all the three sects of a workplace are happy and satisfied with each other (Chianis A. , 2013). By improving environment of working area, a person helps in creating few better things like making good relationships, loyalty, commitment, communication which automatically leads to success of the firm (Brunot & Media, 2016). By simply promoting health benefits among the workers of firm and creating a good environment for working, it is possible to decrease employee turnover and the costs of recruitment. If the employees as well as the wider society related to them are happy, the firm can have a good social review and goodwill (Buttel, Geisler, & Wiswall, 1984) (Michie, 2000).


The process of improving environment in the workplace can cost more money and time for the firm. The person who seeks to improve workplace must also know his duty to investigate the returns of this investment. An improved workplace needs good and efficient services, profits and products in the office area.  It is not easy to improve and change two kinds of workforces at a time. Therefore, this should be managed by firstly judging the profits and then the time (Brunot & Media, 2016).
Team building exercises must be carried on for improving the bonding amongst people. Physical environment can be improved by good maintained spacious offices built. Employers must take care of positions given to their employees based on correct capability. Wages of employees and the new people joining the firm must be decided and improved as per their work. Workplace should be made more creative to make working interesting (Buttel, Geisler, & Wiswall, 1984) (Michie, 2000).
These steps can gradually help in making the workplace environment healthier and interesting.


The paper discussed making a positive environment in the workplace and making it, a healthier and better place to work in. The importance of good environment has been proved in the paper by giving examples (Michie, 2000). Positive environment in the workplace helps employees in gaining confidence on themselves and their work. It brings prosperity to the firm. Hence, workplaces must try to create a good working place for the people working in the organisation.

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