Mathematical Approaches to Security Analytics


Mathematical Approaches to Security Analytics

Big Data refers to the large sets of data that are analysed using various statistical tools to reach particular decision within the organization. The information security industry also uses this methodology to understand the pattern of security breaches in the particular industry and help resolve the issues.
The statistics related to security related threats help them understand the aspects that are most important to cover. The statistics allows the companies in understanding the trend of the past few data breaches and forecast the expected attacks in the near future. The security threat can be of various types that relate directly or indirectly with the information security. Companies can use data generated regarding the employee behaviour within the company to assess whether the behaviour of employees are conducive or some imminent threat is looming around. The statistical assessment of data related to information security threat at the larger scale can provide overall picture of a country, industry, or an organization. 

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The statistics helps the organizations in understanding the trends. The use of statistics become crucial where understanding the future impact of particular situation is unlikely due to the presence of vast set of data. In these cases, statistics come to rescue the individuals in understanding where the organization is heading with the current trend of data and based on that they can take security measures. 
One of the important aspects in the security of the information is the encryption which is the main aspect of cryptography. It is concerned with altering the original state of the information into non-human readable form. It ensures that the data is only read by keying in the right digit to decrypt the data.  Right now, it is the most preferred format to store the data from being stolen, whether it is government or public or private companies, everyone uses this technology.
The use of cryptography as a tool has been in existence for number of decades. However, it gained prevalence after the advancement in the technology and the need of some advanced form of system to protect the data from the unsocial elements. 
The encryption is done through various methods to secure the information. One of the methods is the use of number system. The prime numbers are selected and then the products of these numbers become the fundamental element for further mathematical operations. These act as key where the data is divided into various blocks of particular length. The process that involves reframing the information into human readable form is decrypting that is mostly done through keying in right numbers. These numbers act as passwords that are not even stored on the system where data is in encrypted form. This makes it more secure. 

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