Discussion on Human Resource Management


You have been retained as a consultant to evaluate the situation and make recommendations for action. Ms. Nance wants your positions on the following:
I. Are the CCUA department's current pay practices concerning data processor IIs and computer analysts externally equitable (i.e., competitive)? Explain your answer.
2. What specific action, if any, do you recommend be taken now? Be specific and justify your recommendations as fully as possible.
3. What specific strategy(ies) do you recommend for the future so that these types of problems can be anticipated and (it is hoped) avoided.
4. As is often the case in business, we typically find that we must make decisions, or recommendations, on the basis of incomplete, imperfect information. What additional information in this situation would have enabled you to improve the quality of your recommendations?
5. Conduct a Web search to determine how accurate the data are in Exhibit 10.1.3. Summarize your findings below, citing the relevant website(s) and the methods of the pay survey.
FA10 Chapter 10 Template
Interpersonal Skill Practice: Delegation
Discussion Questions
1. What elements should managers consider prior to task assignment?
2. What factors related to this particular simulation made it easier or more difficult to delegate?


Answer 1

According to me the CCUA department’s current practices related to the computer analyst I position and data processor II positions is not so competitive and equitable because pay provided for both the positions are below the average pay structure.
As per the data collected from the survey, it can be said that the department should change its current pay structure for both the jobs. The predetermined average salary well-suited to the Computer Analyst I is $34,186 (Belogolovsky, 2014).  If the pay structure of CCUA department is compared to another department, it is found that pay is lower than the fixed pay structure.

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Answer 2

The outcome of survey represents that the computer analyst I and data processor II positions are not competitive. Due to this, the department faced lot problems of employee turnover. Pay of employees should be increased by the department if they want to control the employee turnover. This income can be raised through the money saved by the department through recruitment cost. On the other hand, they can also recruit some new potential employees who have enough knowledge about the working area. This will be able to save the training cost of the department which can be utilized efficiently by paying a large amount of pay to employees.

Answer 3

The department activate an assessment system of internal equity by utilizing job evaluations such as Are all employees of the department receiving equal pay or not? The employees of the department should perceive the pay system as being fair (Carraher, 2015). If internal inequalities exist in the department, these problems would first need to be identified and dealt with. After determining internal equity, external equity should be formulated by the department. This can be efficiently done through conducting a salary survey. This helps the organization in knowing whether the pay practices followed in the department are similar to another organization for the same talent. This strategy helps the department in being more competitive in the marketplace. 

Answer 4

No extra information was required to improve the quality of recommendations to the department.

Answer 5

As per search conducted by me, I hassled a website which was known as a salary expert with salary information relevant to exhibit 10.1.3 (Schay, 2013). As per the information shows in the exhibit we can say that an IS manager of the department receives $64,800 and Salary expert conclude that a manager of this level should receive around $ 83,130. The presented exhibit also shows that the telecommunication managers receives $56,108, but as per salary expert, their salary should be around $ 76,001. All these shown results are concerned as common differences in the pay structure, with Exhibit 10.1.3 being the less salary, as per the outcome of the research.

Interpersonal Skill Practice: Delegation

Answer 1

Before task assignment, the managers should consider the compensation structure and associated benefits. Effective benefit and salary administration help managers in keeping the strategy more focused which ultimately brings competitive advantages for the department. Apart from it, the task manager should also consider the required skills and experience for the task so that it can be done with high standards (Bonar, 2013). Effective delegation of tasks helps employees to perform their task with more focus and high efforts. Through all this, the manager able to satisfy their employees and it will reduce the employee turnover in the department.

Answer 2

Values of organization can make the delegation function easier and difficult. Organization values are considered the most critical function in formulating compensation strategy and various other strategies. If the values of organization ethical and more associated with the employee's benefits, then the organization is able to deliver efficient services to their employees by delegating tasks as per their specialization.

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