I have attached to this assignment a copy of the blank positioning statement and the Gatorade example that we looked at in class so you can use it as a guide. Make sure you include all the elements of it in the Positioning section below.
Note: You are not allowed to use a brand that you have already created or is in use of any kind. The brand needs to be one you create specifically for this assignment or a brand you have in mind to create, but does not already exist in any form -- except in your mind!
Brand Mission:
Core Values:
Product Category/Competitive Frame:
Cultural or Social Context/Consumer Reason for Being of the Product or
Primary Target:
Secondary Target:
Brand Identity:
? Brand Essence
? Core Secondary Characteristics
? Key Product or Service Attributes
? Logo/symbols or any other brand identifiers
Brand Personality:
Brand Value Proposition:
? Rational/Functional benefits
? Emotional Benefits
? Aspirational/self-actualization or self-realization benefits
Brand Positioning Statement:
Proposed Communication message & preferred communication


Brand Crimson

Brand Mission
It is considered that everyone has great concern regarding their beauty. So, our mission is to promote the beauty of women and men so that they can express their own personalities. This is the statement which provides worth to our business, and to the working lives of our employees.
Core Values
The core values for our Crimson Brand are Passion, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Quest for excellence. These are the values which help men and women to be self-confident, pensionable, and open towards others. In the absence of these values, the Crimson brand would never have been possible.
Product Category/Competitive Frame
Crimson is a Lipstick brand which comes in the category of Beauty products that combines the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass. The major competitors for Crimson will be Lakme and Lancôme.

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Cultural or Social Context/Consumer Reason for Being of the Product or Service
Most of the consumers will prefer Crimson because it provides high quality and more luxurious features. Consumers prefer those goods which are high in quality and deliver efficient services, and the Crimson organization will do the same thing because it will follow the market penetration strategy to attract a large number of Customers.
Primary Target
The primary target market for Crimson will be women.
Secondary Target
The second target for Crimson will by young men. We deliver Crimson Lipstick to both non-professionals and professions, boutiques, and different department stores also.

Brand Identity

Brand Essence
Brand essence for Crimson will be smooth, long-lasting, and made with natural ingredients. 
Core Secondary Characteristics
Moisturizing, Creamy, Complement according to Skin tone of customers, Great Colour Payoff, and nontoxic. 
Key Product or Service Attributes
A key product of Crimson will be Lipstick. It provides a high level of satisfaction to women and men.
Logo/symbols or any other brand identifiers


Brand Personality
Brand Personality for Crimson will be upper-class, trendy and glamorous, original, smooth, exciting, competent, and sophisticated.
Brand Value Proposition
Rational/Functional Benefits

Today, lipstick is viewed as a most common fashion accessory that helps women in achieving most preferred look and enhance their appearance. Some functional benefits of Crimson Lipstick are following:

  • Beauty: It provides various color options and more natural shades that will make someone more beautiful.

  • Hydration: Various other lipstick brands are offering such products which destroy moisture of lips, but it provides such natural products which maintain the moisture of lips.

Emotional Benefits
Crimson will offer various emotional benefits to its consumers for attracting a large number of customers. Some benefits are following:

  • Feel Good: It derives the large satisfaction to its customers due to which they feel good when to buy its products.

  • Hydration free: It offer products which are hydration free and made with natural ingredients.

Aspirational/self-actualization or self-realization benefits
Brand Positioning Statement
We follow 3 line products to position our brand in mind of consumers:

  1. Consumer Product: For young women and teenagers

  2. Professional Product: For boutiques and beauty salons

  3. Luxury Products: For women and men with high-quality products.

Proposed Communication message & preferred communication channels
The communication message for Crimson will be that we always believe that everyone desire to perfect. So, we focus on lipstick with our power to produce it as per desired quality. Communication channels for our product will be TV and media.


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To women and men of all ages and who love to become attractive and gorgeous, Crimson is the brand of Lipstick that best satisfies the women and men by providing natural ingredients product, because it will be the only brand which utilizing natural ingredients to satisfying personal needs of customers. 
The brand Character is Moisturizing, Creamy, and Complement according to Skin tone of customers, Great Colour Payoff, and nontoxic. 

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