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Stress is a mental condition. The factors which cause are called stressors. The more we think about the factors the more stressed we feel on a mental and physical level. Stress is a normal part of our life. There are many life events which cause us stress. Stress is almost found in all age groups. Every individual has their own stress trigger. Work related stress is the most common. Being unhappy with your work is the biggest stress factor of the modern world. Having too many responsibilities on your shoulder causes stress (Misra&Srivastava, 2016). For example in the case of working women sometimes they need to cope with their work as well as household activities (Krishnan, 2014). Children are mostly dependent on their mother for various needs. This keeps them too occupied and is a great factor for stress. 

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There are many stress factors in work like long working hours, working under dangerous conditions or may be facing some harassment at workplace. Stress can be at any age group. There are a lot of students who have a stressful academic life. While teenage is approached there is the stress of getting into high school with good grades and further college admission. There can be multiple factors of stress at any age group. At times stress is from inside rather than the outside world. There can be many things you just worry about causing stress to yourself. In this situation, stress is created. This kind of stress should be avoided as much as possible. Another stress causing factor is fear. Fear of events on which we don’t have our control. Like in news, we hear a lot about war and terrorism. We don’t have any control on all these. We live in a state of uncertainty and fear. Stress also comes with our own attitude and perception. Some people manage multiple works. How they take care of a particular situation and their perception regarding a situation helps them a lot. This can be best explained with an example if your Fridge is stolen then some people might take it as ‘it’s ok’ it was just a fridge it can be replaced and some might get stressed or panicked thinking that if  the thief comes back or if they try to harm next time. Hence our attitude also matters a lot deciding stress factors. Having over expectation from yourself is another concern. Some people have a habit of overloading themselves with work. They think that they can finish whatever given to then on time and if it does not happen they feel much stressed. This is a very common scenario in the workplace again the changes in life. For some people, change is a necessary they feel stressed when they are asked to do same things every day. Life becomes very monotonous and they feel much stressed about it and for some, any change is a factor for stress, for example, change of job, marriage, any financial setback, family crises etc. There can be many reasons for stress and it differs from individual to individual (Lee, Joo, & Choi, 2012).

Short term stress does not have any effect on the body but chronic stress can have severe effects. Stress not only affects your body but also your mind and behaviour. There are many behavioural changes caused due to stress. There are things which we can observe in ourselves during stress such as overeating or under eating. Either a person eats too much in stress or does not eat at all. There can be frequent anger outbursts or the person may remain silent. During stress, a person can easily deviate towards habits like drugs and alcohol. They consider all these like distress and become addicted to it. Also, there is strong social withdrawal. There is a tendency to sink in you. The person does not like to meet or talk to anyone. In severe cases, there can be suicidal tendencies.  Stress also affects the mood of the individual. The person becomes very anxious and restlessness. In a temporary situation it can be handled but in prolonged stress, changes the person’s mood and causes anxiety. Along with anxiety, there is also irritability and anger (Sandi, 2016). As the person experiences a lack of motivation it becomes irritable. It becomes difficult to interact with that person. The person keeps himself in isolation. The stress levels might go up due to this. Stress has a severe effect on the body. It triggers the fight or flight mechanism (Leonard, 2009). Here the brain tells the body what to do. The adrenal glands release adrenaline. In the case of chronic stress adrenaline is produced at frequent intervals. This can cause irritability, anxiety and depression. Also the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body are affected. During stress, the rate of respiration increases. If someone is already suffering from a medical condition like asthma, stress might cause an attack. Also in stress, your heart beat rises and Blood gets rapidly pumped. Frequent stress response may cause your heart to work for a long duration with increased heart beat (Kishi&Hirooka, 2012). This can cause hypertension at a very early age. Under stress response, our liver produces an excess of sugar for energy. Later when the stress levels are lowered the excess of sugar is again absorbed by the body. In Repeated attacks of stress, the body will not be able to absorb the excess of sugar back again and again. Hence it develops the chances of DM type 2. Under stress, we frequently have headaches and body aches.  This is due to the fact that during stress response the muscles of the body tighten up but relax afterwards. But in the case of chronic stress, the muscles tighten and do not relax causing symptoms like headaches and body aches. Our immune system also gets compromised during stress. In the case of prolonged stress, the immune system becomes venerable to various diseases. The person becomes susceptible to diseases like common cold or viral. So from this, we can conclude that there is various stress causing factors around us. We can take the help of our perception and attitude to deal with stress and live a healthy life.

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