Conducting Quality Worth Research


Read the research agenda for the beginner when your feet hit the ground start running and write reflection and reaction on the same.


Reaction Paper

After studying all the published pages, it can be said that these gives us relevant information about the life of a professor or scholar. Research is considered the primary function for every professor and the other unnecessary things are considered the subordinate of the publishing necessity. It can be said that teaching and learning are the primary focus for every college. So, it is the responsibility of professors to focus on teaching firstly rather than other activities. Scholarship is considered as a high motivational tool for the researchers and scholars. It is necessary that professors and scholars should be smart and eligible for getting a scholarship. provides the best and most affordable financial management assignment help. Utilize our project management assignment help and watch your grades improve over time. We have assisted many students in achieving their academic goals. So, without further ado, seek management assignment help from our website and put an end to all of your academic worries.

The eligible candidate for the scholarship is selected on the basis of their refereed and non-refereed journals, local and regional publications, and presentations. Professors and scholars published paper should be quality worthy because they are recognized and published on the basis of their paper quality, not by their names.  One possible way of starting for the researcher could be that they could focus more on prepare their dissertations. Analysis can be done after preparing it because it consumes lot of time and efforts of the researcher. In addition, the researcher may focus on their research productivity because it makes them distinct from the other researchers. Before starting research, the researchers should prepare their research agenda which will guide them in conducting further research. During conducting research, the researcher should focus more on its quality. In the absence of quality, the paper will not be published by the publishers. During the submission of the research paper, the researcher should also consider some ethics within the academic profession. The most interesting thing for the researcher is that they can publish their articles in more than two journals, but dual publications of the same material and lead to professional disgrace. There are lot of articles which do not publish by the publishers. It is a tough marketplace, and the researchers need to focus more on their own researchers. In a case of rejection of article, the editorial boards also offer the researchers another journal to whom they can submit their research articles. So, as per my opinion, they should concentrate more on conducting quality worth research which gives them fame in the market. Yes, it is true that the publication of scholarly articles is more important than teaching. Most of the students focusing on getting good grades in their classes rather than attain knowledge. Today, there are various institutes and research colleges which selected those candidates who have enough knowledge and had published three or more than three articles prior their dissertations. Competition is existing in every field but knowledge matter most in comparison to grades. It can be said that the role of publications does not end once a person has obtained a faculty position. After achieving the position, they should focus more on their performance because the deans and vice chairman's of department conduct performance analysis annually or quarterly basis. On the basis of an outcome, they take the decisions regarding the promotion and salary. But most of the faculty members wants to change their job on continuation basis because they require a change in their life. But it is not important. Most of the institutions hire someone on the basis of their experience. Institutions do not like to hire new Ph.D. scholars, if hired, they would be highly motivated by the management of institutions so that they can perform in an efficient manner. Promotion and tenure are very important for individuals in their academic careers. Various individuals perform efforts to complete their doctorate in a successful manner. But only those people become successful who are single-mindedness. A doctorate is considered the first step in a career which takes more than 40 years. Early tenure and promotion require looking beyond the doctorate.

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The process of review will be different as per difference in institutions. Promotion and tenure committees are established at the departmental level, college level, and university level. It will move in layers. If tenure and promotion of eligible candidates are rejected, then they have the right to appeal against the outcome and get back their deserving designation in the organization. During the promotion and tenure decision the management also faces various problems. So, the management of institutions and organizations focuses more on building effective decision. The promotion and tenure not only considered intense but can, if not handled properly, create enmity, faculty divisions and jealousy among the people.

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