Location and Production of Goonyella Riverside Mine


Goonyella Riverside Mine Assignment



Goonyella Riverside refers to the coal mine that began its activities in the year 1971 and is situated at Moranbah. The sections ahead discuss the history, location, production output, mine equipment, and resources and reserves. There are various facts that have been presented in the descriptive manner.


The operation started in the year 1971 and company that started the activity was CQCA. After eleven years, TDP began the mining process at the location. TDP stands for Thiess Dampier Mistui which was under BHP. There were various improvements that took place since 1971. In the year 1989, the CQCA came together with the late starter BHP and focused on improving the production. The year 2000 saw the major turnaround in the mining procedures when the One Mine Plan came into existence. It helped the involved organization to efficiently utilize the resources for better output. BHP Billiton Misubishi Alliance came into existence in the year 2001 which currently owns and manages the Goonyella and Riverside respectively.

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There are various offices around the world that are under focusing towards the management of all the activities. The global headquarter is situated in Melbourne and the head office of other material specific offices are located in different parts of the world. The corporate office can be tracked to the United Kingdom and the office that takes care of the marketing the activities can be tracked to Singapore.

Production Output

The annual production of the Goonyella and Riverside have risen since the year 2000 to 2003. The year 2014 was appreciable for the production of the metallurgical coal. The total production was 12.4Mta. Moreover, if the raw data from the company is to be considered then it can be stated that the production has moved up year on year, as for example, the  net output in the year 2013 was 182m which grew to 205m in the year 2015.

Mine Equipment

The company use variety of mining equipment on regular basis. The use of excavators is done particularly for the removal of the earth. Moreover, the draglines and drills are the commonly used equipment. Some other kinds of equipment that are used during the production process are long wall miners, rock dusters, and the shuttle cars. The shuttle cars are utilized for the transporting purposes of the coals that are mined from the production site to the designated location for further movement. Some other equipment is conveyor system, mobile sizer, rear dump truck, and others.

Resources and Reserves

The company has appreciable level of resources and having the access to the mine, it can be stated that it has extensive reserves of coal. The major resources of the company are its equipment and the strong network of distribution mechanisms.

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