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Course Title: Biology for Science Majors I
Course Number: BIOL1406
Section Number: 61702
Semester/Year: FALL 2021 (8/23-12/9/2021)
Credit Hours: 4
Class Meeting Time/Location: INET-online
Lecture and labs online, PowerPoints, quizzes on eCampus, all exams through eCampus.
Certification Date: 09/04/2021
Last Day to Withdraw: 11/11/2021

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Course Prerequisites

Required: College level ready in Reading.
Recommended: MATH 1314 College Algebra (3 SCH version) or concurrent enrollment in higher-level mathematics

Course Description

Physical and chemical aspects of life, organization, function, evolutionary adaptability and categorization will be investigated as fundamental principles of living beings. The principles of cytology, reproduction, genetics and scientific reasoning are studied and examined. Laboratory activities will reinforce these concepts. (3 Lec., 3 Lab.) 
Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 2601015103

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Define the qualities of life. Describe the methods of investigation employed by scientists.
  • Recognize the basic prerequisites of life as well as the characteristics of the key molecules required for life.
  • Contrast the architecture, reproduction, and properties of viruses, prokaryotic cells, and eukaryotic cells. Describe the structure of a membrane and the flow of molecules over it.
  • Recognize the substrates, products, and key chemical routes in metabolism.
  • Recognize inheritance principles and solve traditional genetic issues.
  • Recognize the chemical structures of nucleic acids and proteins, as well as their production and control.
  • Explain the unity and variety of life, as well as the evidence for evolution by natural selection.


  • Investigate topics using scientific reasoning and data collection and analysis instruments such as microscopes and laboratory equipment.
  • Make informed judgments in the laboratory by applying critical thinking and scientific problem-solving skills.
  • Effectively communicate the findings of scientific research.
  • Describe the qualities of life.
  • Describe the methods of investigation employed by scientists.
  • Recognize the fundamental qualities of chemicals required for life.
  • Contrast the architecture, reproduction, and properties of viruses, prokaryotic cells, and eukaryotic cells.
  • Explain the structure of cell membranes and how molecules travel over them.
  • Understand the substrates, products, and key chemical pathways of metabolism.
  • Recognize inheritance principles and solve traditional genetic issues.
  • Recognize the chemical structures of nucleic acids and proteins, as well as their production and control.

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Texas Core Objectives

The Academic identifies the information and abilities that students must acquire during their college careers. The Texas Core Objectives for Student Learning are paralleled by these general education abilities.

The tasks in this course will allow you to practice two or more of the core competencies listed below:

  1. Analytical Skills - These include creative thinking, invention, investigation, information analysis, assessment, and synthesis.Communication Skills - to include effective development, interpretation, and expression of ideas through written, oral, and visual communication
  2. Practical and Theoretical Skills - this includes manipulating and analyzing numerical data or observable facts to reach educated judgments.
  3. Collaboration entails the capacity to evaluate opposing viewpoints and collaborate successfully with others to achieve a common goal or purpose.
  4. Individual Responsibility - the capacity to link choices, actions, and consequences to ethical decision-making.
  5. Public Duty - includes intercultural competency, civic responsibility understanding, and the capacity to actively interact in regional, national, and global communities.

Required Course Materials

Note: If you are part of IncudED, the material will be available on Blackboard for free. (Every student is part of IncludEd unless individual students specifically opt-out.)

1. Recommendation of Reading book:

Campbell Biology 12th edition–:9th, 10th or 11th editions are acceptable, Publisher: Benjamin CummingsModified Mastering Biology is NOT required.ISBN-10:0321775651 OR ISBN-13: 9780321775658

2. Lab’sManual:

BIOL 1406 Lab Manual (CUSTOM for this course),Edition:2nd
ISBN:978-1-77494-006-8, Author:Khamankar, Publisher: Top Hat

3. Use of a computer and access to the Internet:

Students must have a functional electronic device, preferably a computer with a good internet connection, in order to access the course, complete and submit assignments.

4. Skills:

Following directions, comprehension skills proper communication through email or phone, accessing and submitting assignments on campus, accessing vital, relevant websites via the internet, typing for lab reports, adding files to emails, attaching photos to documents.

Note: This institution's students are not required to buy textbooks from a university-affiliated bookshop. An independent merchant, particularly an internet store, may also sell the same textbook.

Graded Work

The tables below give an overview of the graded work in this course as well as an explanation of how your final course grade will be determined.

Summary of Graded Work

Total: 100% (1000 points)

Assignments Totals
Lecture Tests 5 (Lowest grade dropped) (600 points) 60%
Chapter quizzes (100 points) 10% 
Lab quizzes, Lab exams and/or lab reports (300 points) and 30%

Final Grade

Percentages Letter Grade
90-100% (900 points- above) A
80-89% (800-899 points) B
70-79% (700-799 points) C
60-69% (600-699 points) D
0-59% (599 points and below) F


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Description of the Graded Work

Lecture Grade: 70% of the final grade

Unit Tests: 60% of the final grade: Students will take five timed lecture tests (Tests 1-5) if you are given two tries for any of those tests, the common of the two grades might be taken into consideration. Each of these five tests will be timed and at the end of the given time limit will auto-submit. The lowest grade of tests 1-5 will be dropped. If a student wishes to take the tests without or with an extended time restriction, the student MUST contact the teacher and document the requirement. The tests can then be administered at any DCCCD Testing Center. All lecture assessments may include multiple-choice and short-answer questions about each topic, including textbook chapters. Lecture exams will count for 60% of the total grade.

  • Unit Test 1: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Unit Test 2: Chapters 5, 6, 7
  • Unit Test 3: Chapters 8, 9, 10
  • Unit Test 4: Chapters 11, 12, 13
  • Unit Test 5: Chapters14, 15, 16, 17

Chapter Quizzes:10% of the overall grade: You can use the chapter quizzes to prepare for the unit exams.You must answer 10-20 multiple-choice questions with a 15-20-minute time restriction for each. Each chapter quiz will offer you three attempts. The highest grade will be taken into account.These quizzes will help with the lecture tests.
Laboratory: 30% of the final grade
Your lab grade is based on completing:

  1. Lab Activity: pre-and post-lab quizzes on eCampus
  2. Three Lab exams: Laboratory examinations may include a mix of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
  3. Lab Reports: Lab reports over 3 laboratory experiments will be submitted by the students.

Attendance and the Final Grade

Because this programme is online, visiting the course on a regular basis and completing assignments on time is considered attendance.

Delay Policy: There is no penalty for working late. All work MUST be finished by the end of the semester.
Extra credit: If any extra credit is given, will not exceed more than 2% of the total points.

Institutional Policies

The link below will take you to the Institutional Policies for this course. These regulations include topics such as tutoring, Disabilities Services, class drop and repeat choices, Title IX, and others. North Lake Institutional Policies.

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Certification Date: 09/04/2021 

Last Day to Withdraw: 11/1/2021

(Final deadline: All activities must be completed by Dec 9, 2021, 11:59 PM)

Topic Lecture Assignments Recommended Dates
Orientation Familiarize with the course and take the Orientation quiz Aug 23-24
Lec Unit 1- Aug 25-Sep 12 Chapter 1: Intro to Biol. Concepts, Chapter quiz 1 Aug 25-29
  Chapter 2: Chemical Context of LifeLec, Chapter quiz 2 Aug 30-Sep 5
  Chapter 3: Water and Life, Chapter quiz 3 Sep 6-10
  Review and Lecture Unit Test 1 Sep 11-12
Lec Unit 2- Sep 13-Oct 3 Chapter 4: Chemistry of Carbon, Chapter quiz 4 Sep 13-15
  Chapter 5: Biomolecules, Chapter quiz 5 Sep 16-19
  Chapter 6: The Cell, Chapter quiz 6 Sep 20-25
  Chapter 7: Membrane structure-Transport, Chapter quiz 7 Sep 26-Oct 1
  Review and Lecture Unit Test 2 Oct 2-3
Lec Unit 3- Oct 4-24 Chapter 8: Introduction to Metabolism, Chapter quiz 8 Oct 4-10
  Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration, Chapter quiz 9 Oct 11-17
  Chapter10: Photosynthesis, Chapter quiz 10 Oct 18-22
  Review and Lecture Unit Test 3 Oct 23-24
Lec Unit 4- Oct 25- Nov 14 Chapter 11: Cell Communnication, Chapter quiz 11 Oct 25-Oct 31
  Chapter 12: Cell Cycle, Chapter quiz 12 Nov 1-7
  Chapter 13: Meiosis, Chapter quiz 13 Nov 8-12
  Review and Lecture Unit Test 4 Nov 13-14
Lec Unit 5- Nov 15- Dec 9 Chapter 14: Mendelian Genetics, Chapter quiz 14 Nov 15-24
  Chapter 15: Human Genetics, Chapter quiz 15 Nov 15-24
  Chapter 16: DNA-Structure, Replication, Chapter quiz 16 Nov 29-Dec 3
  Chapter 17: DNA to Protein, Chapter quiz 17 Dec 3-7
  Review and Lecture Unit Test 5 Dec 8-9
Topic Lab Assignments Recommended Dates
Lab Safety Introduction and Safety quiz Aug 23-24
Lab Unit 1- Aug 24- Sep 19 Lab 1: Measurements and Metric System, Postlab 1 quiz Aug 25-29
  Lab 2: Chemistry of Life, Postlab 2 quiz Aug 30-Sep 5
  Lab 3: Carbon Chemistry, Postlab 3 quiz, Lab Report 1 Sep 6-11
  Lab 4: Microscopy, Postlab 4 quiz Sep 12-17
  Lab Examl 1 Sep 18-19
Lab Unit 2- Sep 20- Oct 31 Lab 5: Cells, Postlab 5 quiz Sep 20-25
  Lab 6: Diffusion and Osmosis, Postlab 6 quiz Sep 26-Oct 1
  Lab 7: Enzymes, Postlab 7 quiz, Lab Report 2 Oct 4-10
  Lab 8: Respiration and Fermentation, Postlab 8 quiz Oct 11-17
  Lab Exam 2 Oct 18-Oct 24
Lab Unit 3 Lab 9: Photosynthesis, Postlab 9 quiz, Lab Report 3 Oct 25--31
  Lab 10: Mitosis, Postlab 10 quiz Nov 1-7
  Lab 11: Meiosis, Postlab 11 quiz Nov 8-14
  Lab 12: Genetics, Postlab 12 quiz Nov 15-24
  Lab Exam 3 Nov 29-Dec 9
  All work MUST be finished by 11:59 PM, Dec 9.  


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