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Executive summary

In this research report, Cornucopia University is considered. The report is about how mobile devices are incorporated in the higher education of Cornucopia University. This University was established in 2011. It is a regional based university which is located in Hervey Bay in Queensland. Mobile devices are computing devices which have a greater mobility.

Three mobile devices are described along with their advantages and disadvantages, smart phones, net books, and laptops. Smart phones have greater mobility but have less storage as compared to laptops, and in net books, it is a very cheap source of study as compared to the text books. Today is the world of technology, and in future also technology is the major reason for the success. From the past research, it is found that mobile devices in the higher education will enhance the teaching style and learning pattern of students, but it is only successfully implemented when there is a time management. So, in University there should be a specific time table for specific lecture so that mobile device will not distract the mind of students.

There are two ideas for incorporated mobile devices in higher education. These are firstly for recording purpose and secondly for feedback purpose. There are some changes also required in the infrastructure of University for incorporation of mobile devices. Within university, there should be strong wireless network and best bandwidth. Some suggestion for enhancing the role of teachers and learning of students that are preparing students for future, learning from students up-to-date, teachers can share their tips and In depth information. But some issues are associated with it which are related to virus, plagiarism, cheat and modify the feedback. The issues can be sorted with the help of various techniques such as by developing the portal system, anti-virus, etc.

It is concluded that it is beneficiary for the university to incorporate the mobile devices in the higher education for attracting the international students this will increase the profits of the university and it becomes famous at the global level also. But they have to keep in mind the cons of mobile devices also accordingly by formulated different techniques to overcome these problems. The recommendations for incorporation of mobile devices are university should follow the systematic process for developing mobile devices.

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Cornucopia University is particularly the information technology based university which is founded in 2011. This university also provided the management related courses. This university is not a much huge university it is a regionally based university in Hervey Bay in Queensland. The weather in Queensland is very much favorable which attracts the many international students, but currently, it has only local area students who live in the local region of Queensland. University has its own hostel where students live there it is currently developed specially for attracting the international students to come and study in this University as accommodation over there is very cheap as compared to other cities so that anyone can afford it.

In this research paper, how mobile phones are incorporated into the teaching style for enhancing the student learning is taken into considerations in particular university. The cornucopia University of Canada has taken into account to find out the impact of mobile phones in higher education. The advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phones within the University premises with the help of examples associated with it. Through this research it is going to suggested that how to improve the role of teachers or lecturers in teaching and how they help the students to learn in better and effective way and what are the changes required for incorporated this ideas in the University so that it will benefit the teaching style and the learning criteria of the student in the University so that international students will also come and take admission in the University.

Also, the issues associated with the ideas when the mobile phones are incorporated within the University premises and providing the solution for that issues so that incorporation of mobile devices in the Cornucopia University will benefit the operations in the teaching styles and the learning power of the students (Hwang et al., 2014).

Mobile devices

The mobile device is the small computer device that easy to hold and carry anywhere and able to operate in hand. These devices have flat screen display having a small numeric keypad, a touch screen having the virtual type keyboards and its buttons are on the screens only and the alphanumeric keyboards.

Features of the mobile devices are as follows:

Mobility of devices can be seen in the following context-

  • Weight and the physical dimensions.
  • What type of host devices can be constrained?
  • One can easily carry without any burden.
  • One can contact to anyone anywhere and at any time.
  • Having Wi-Fi and data connectivity one can search anything on the internet.
  • Helps in send e-mails via the internet.

Current Uses of mobile devices in higher education

Currently, the mobile devices are using in the higher education and give the following benefits:

  • The mobile devices are becoming the technology of learning in the higher education in the coming future.
  • Students have 24/7 availability of teachers having more information and knowledge as compared to a human teacher.
  • Mobile phone subscription has increased and reached to 5.9 billion.
  • In higher education, mobile devices are used for delivering the content to the device as per their choice.
  • In higher educations, they are developing e-books in spite of having text books as e-books are cheaper than text books nowadays.

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Three types of mobile devices available

Types of mobile devices available for higher educations along with their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1. Smart phones:

In 2012, Samsung Company sold 213 million mobile phones having a 30 percent of market share, and Apple Company has sold 135.8 million iPhones covers the 19 percent of market share. These are the two famous and most selling company till now, but the Samsung is the biggest company as this company sold the 63 million phones at the global level and having 29 percent of market share as suggested by the researcher in 2013.

Smart phones are having access to data, or WI-FI connectivity has capabilities for mobility.


  • Students can prepare their exams of higher educations by using Android or my phones.
  • Atta no educations have launched the e-books for preparing the exams of higher education.
  • This company also provides the last minute material for preparations for exams; students can download this application and access directly on their computers or smart phones


  • By having mobile phones, students cannot concentrate on their studies by playing games, doing chatting and other things
  • It also disturbs the classes when someone's phone wills ringers.

2. Netbooks

Netbooks are the gain great mobile devices as they are not expensive. They have long life battery. One can do the very common task of least processor intensive that computer can do. For example, checking email, surfing the web and use for office program which is relevant.


  • One can carry it anywhere and can do anything over it.
  • As compared to text books one can access the information in deep if teachers are not able to teach.


  • It has a battery problem but text books did not have so it can switch off while reading.
  • It will give strain on the eyes too.

3. Laptops

As compared to other mobile devices laptops have the most computing power. It very much travels friendly. They are least portable, and many people are starting to replace to other devices.


  • It has more computing power.
  • Storage memory is more as compared to other devices.


  • It is not easy to carry as compared to other devices in the university. (Furió D. et al.,2015).

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Literature review

From the previous research, it is found that students can record their interviews and their works on mobile devices, students can easily access to the multimedia materials like painting, visual glossary, etc. Another research related to this is that it depends on the time for using mobile devices defined the usefulness of the mobile devices (Clark et.al., 2012)

Conduction of mobile devices in higher education

It is beneficial to both students and the teacher to implement the mobile devices in the class. As it can provides the more access in depth of the information. With the help of e-books, students can study for their exams.

But it is incorporated in an appropriate manner by setting a particular time period for using of mobile devices in the classes. University can make a time table for using the mobile devices within the class. (Abolfazli S. et al., 2014).

For example, for information technology lecture students have a limit to use the mobile device of 1.5 hours, for practical period students can use for the whole period and for messages and calling things mobile phones are prohibited on the lectures they can use it for this purpose on lunch breaks or after study hours. If there are some emergency has arises then students can use their phones for calling purpose.

Ideas for incorporating mobile devices in HE

In this section two ideas majorly discussed for incorporating mobile devices in higher education-

1. For recording purpose:

Students can record the lectures so that they can listen to it after the lectures are over. Audio and video recording of lectures can enhance the learning power of the students. If anything is missed in the lectures, they can listen to the recording and can catch the next lecture easily. For example, if someone is absent in particular lectures for some reason then they can listen to their peer recording of the lecture and catch the syllabus that he/she missed in the class.

2. For feedback purpose:

The mobile device can enhance the teaching style of teachers as they can immediately provide the feedback to the students on a particular topic. For example, if subject teacher is absent on a particular date but the assignment has to be submitted on the same date then through mobile device students can deliver the assignments to their teacher who is absent and immediately that subject teacher can provide the feedback to them so that student can easily improve their mistakes if required without any delay (Hwang et al.,2015).

Note: This is not a complete solution. You can request the complete solution by filling out the order form towards your requested assignment.

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