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What is biology and its importance to humans?

Biology is the study of the biosphere and all the living organisms that come under it. Here in this subject students will learn about cells, structure, their functions growth, evolution, and anatomy. Our biology assignment writers of Canada explain that biology is a study of natural science and it consists of various sub disciplines.

We all know life begins with a cell; a cell is the fundamental unit of life. The food we consume converts into energy and provide energy to cells for their working. We inherit various traits from our ancestors, and thus evolution and survival of the fittest theory of Darwin came into existence. In Biology Genetics is also an important concept for students. These are the basic concept which gives meaning to human life and reason for our existence on this planet. That is why the study of biology is almost like studying life.

As told you earlier, biology is a field of sub disciplines thus has different branches. Below you can read about the main branches of biology for which you can ask our experts for assignment help Canada.

  • Cellular biology or cytology: As the name itself suggesting you about cells, this branch deals with cell structure and how cell performs the various functions in a living organism. Here in this area of biology, you will learn about the characteristics of cells, structures and their functions and how the environment influences them.
  • Molecular Biology: Molecular biology is related to the processes in a cell at the molecular level according to our biology assignment help experts. Formation of the cell includes a large number of lipids protein, DNA, RNA, etc. after the invention of the Electron microscope, scientists can now study beyond cells and look at its formation more clearly. Study of molecular biology leads to the finding the treatment for various diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • Developmental biology: According to our biology homework help experts of Canada. This branch of biology deals with the development and growth of Plants and animals and how it further leads to decay. This branch includes all the important factors like reproduction, growth and cell differentiation.
  • Marine biology: Marine biology is about the study of living organisms that have their origin in ocean, sea, rivers and in various other types of water bodies. It deals with the evolution, interaction of marine animals and plants with surface environment. You can take marine biology assignment help to get a complete understanding of this branch of biology.
  • Physiology: Our expert assignment writers of biology describe physiology as a study of living organisms and their parts of the body. When you study this subject, you will learn how muscles, organs cells, and tissues work together and how our body works due to them.
  • Genetics: As the name suggests genetics is the study of genes. It deals with hereditary. Hereditary involves the transfer of genetic material from the previous generation to the next one. In this way, we pass information from one generation to another, and that is how life works.
  • Botany: It is the discipline of biology which studies plant kingdom and plant life. We study about genetics, origins, evolution, structures, classification, and distribution of plants. Our Biology assignment help tutors have been making detailed reports regarding all the topics of biology assignment.

There are many more branches that come under biology subject. If you want assignment help online in other branches that those mentioned above, you just need to call us and tell us your requirements. We guarantee you to provide excellent assignment or homework help in biology without missing the deadline.

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