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Philosophy is a subject which deals with questions that are most basic and general. The subject talks about or raises discourse over existence, values, knowledge, reason, and mind. These questions are put forward in terms of problems in order to carry out research and studies on them. The word PHILOSOPHY was derived from a Greek word philosophia, the meaning of this wordis Love of Wisdom. Researchers use several methods to carry out research on philosophy. Following are the most common methods:

  • Critical discussion
  • Questioning
  • Rational debate or argument

From ancient times Philosophy includes any type of knowledge. Aristotle in the 19th century talked about natural philosophy in which he encompassed physics, medicine, and astronomy. In simple words, philosophy is having knowledge or passion raise question to find answers to everything.

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The division of the philosophy into three branches is based on the nature of the questions raised. Sometimes these branches overlap with each other when researchers do studies. Let's have a look at these branches.

Axiology: Axiology deals with Values. It investigates the nature and criteria of values. Generally, Axiology is also called as Theory of Value. Axiology is further divided into two parts:

  • Ethics: it studies human behaviour and its value. Here researchers look at the moral issues, what is right and wrong. It also studies good and desirable things in economics perspective.
  • Aesthetics: It is also the study of values but in the form of enquiry of n feeling, judgements, or parameters of beauty related concepts. It judges emotions, sense and tastes of humans.

Epistemology: This is the second branch of philosophy which studies knowledge. It talks about the limits and nature of knowledge possessed by humans. It finds out the origin of knowledge and its structure.

Metaphysics: This is the third branch of philosophy and also known as Ontology. It studies reality, questions about reality. It deals with the principles of a natural order.

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