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Paleontology is a subject which studies about the existence of life form before Holocene Epoch. In this field, researchers and scientists do an extensive research of fossils to understand the concept of evolution of a specific organism; they also study the reaction of that organism with the surrounding environment. Researchers have observation since 5th century BC. Paleontology subject is an amalgamation of biology and geology. Researchers use modern techniques and a comprehensive knowledge of sciences, engineering and mathematics to analyze the historical data. Modern technology has also helped scientists to find more historical evidences related to evolution.

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Different branches of Paleontology for which you can take assignment help in Australia

With the advent of modern technology, Paleontology has divided into various types for the ease of study.

  • Micropaleontology : Study of microscopic fossils
  • Paleobotany : Study of fossilized plants
  • Palynology : Study of pre-historic pollen and spores
  • Invertebrate Paleontology : Study of invertebrate animal fossils
  • Vertebrae Paleontology : Study of vertebrae animal fossils
  • Paleoanthropology : Study of pre-historic humans
  • Taphonomy : Study of the processes of decay, preservation, and the formation of fossils
  • Ichnology : Study of fossil tracks, trails, and footprints
  • Paleoecology : Study of pre-historic ecology and climate

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  • Ancient food web interactions
  • Ancient microbial ecosystem
  • Gymnolaemata
  • Post-Paleozoic ecological complexity
  • Girvanella Hadrosaurid (duck-billed) dinosaurs
  • Postglacial vegetation and climate
  • Reappraisal of early dinosaur radiation
  • Archeological chronology
  • Invasive species during the Late Devonian biodiversity crisis and diversity
  • Vendobionts (Precambrian Geologic history of reefs evolution)
  • Vertebrate origins

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Paleontology Glossary terms for students

Some of the glossary terms students should know before seeking for assignment help online.

  • Fossil : Fossils are the dead and decaying parts of animals, and plants. For example bones, shells, leaves, burrows, and traces of extinct animals.
  • Fossilization : Process of burying animals and plants and preservation of dead remains of plants and animals.
  • Ecology : Ecology is a subject that comes under biology. It deals with the relationship between animals and plants with the surrounding environment.
  • Ecosystem Ecosystem is formed when plants, animals and environment of a specific geographical region comes together.
  • Eocene An epoch of the lower Tertiary period, spanning the time between 55.5 and 33.7 million years ago. Its name is from the Greek words "eos" (dawn) and "ceno" (new).
  • Geochemistry: Geochemistry is a science that studies chemical changes and different chemical phenomenon takes place inside earth’s surface.

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There are many more glossary terms related to paleontology. When you come to us with your assignment query we will provide you the complete knowledge of all the terms related to paleontology. You can also take biology assignment help to get more understanding of these terms.

How to Become a Paleontologist and Why Students Require Paleontology Assignment Help online?

Paleontology is quite fascinating but it is not easy as it looks. To make a career in this field or to become a successful paleontologist, one must get a degree in paleontology. After that you should look out for PHD to become a successful paleontologist. To complete the PHD degree one must have to submit various research papers. Students who are finding it difficult can take research paper/ dissertation writing help from the experts.

To get perfection in this field you must have a sound knowledge of biology, and geology. This is not enough, a keen interest in learning about historical artifacts. In this subject you will learn about the history of planet earth, how life forms came into existence and get a chance to understand the nature from very close.

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