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What are nutrition and things we should eat to keep ourselves healthy?

Intake of food to match the body's dietary requirements is called nutrition. We, humans, derive nutritious food in order to keep ourselves in good condition. According to WHO, good nutrition, a balanced diet along with physical activity helps one in maintaining good health. If one is not taking adequate nutrition then he/she might face a lot of issues with health. Poor or lack of nutritious food can reduce the immunity power of the human body, which will further make us susceptible to various fatal diseases. Poor nutrition also causes hindrance in mental health and reduce the overall abilities of the body.

We eat food which helps in our survival and also helps in carrying out all the physical process. All living beings are required source of energy and that energy comes from nutritious food. Important nutrients for an individual are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. They are essential for healthy living. If we are getting proper nutrition from our food only then the body will remain fit for various strenuous tasks, otherwise we will miserable fail to perform daily life activities.

For living a healthy life, the vital nutrients consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, fiber, minerals and water. To prevent the human body from all kind of diseases and ensure proper management of nutrients and weight remains to be the primary objective of nutrition. Proper nutrition helps our body to remain fit and its adequate functioning to perform the specific duties efficiently and adequately.

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