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Journalism deals with creating news reports and delivering them to the public. These reports are based on the ongoing events in the society or world. Journalism is a form of occupation. Journalists use various platforms such as television, radio, internet, and print media to distribute the information in public. The role of journalist or journalism is different in different countries. Some nations have independent media and others have media which is controlled by the government.

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This type of journalism helps in finding out the truth of a specific event, subject or person. Investigative journalism is based on a principle which is verification and authentic representation of information. Reporters who carry out the investigation often work with people who do not cooperate easily and sometimes mislead the journalist. There are some investigative journalisms that can affect the public lives also y presenting the harsh truth in front of them.


News journalism is a direct form of journalism where reporters need not investigate anything. They just have to provide factual information in front of the public. A news story is consists of a headline which provides the gist in brief. News journalism is less investigative and questioning than investigative journalism. Here the presentation is direct without any manipulation, often accurate and unbiased.


Reviews are the form of journalism where the author or writer presents his/her opinion about anything. Reviews could be fact-based or sometimes biased. While writing a review, the writer has to focus on the subject in order to write about it perfectly without any mistake. Also, it is the work of a writer to produce opinions which are generated after thorough research.


Columns give freedom to the writer to write about a subject in a personal style, they are depended on the author's personality. Column writer can take a humorous approach or satirize the subject. Sometimes columnists publish articles based on specialization. Column allows the writer to develop their own voice. Columnists can write about an event or any subject or socio-political issues or they can choose to write their own ideas or thoughts. Publishing of columns usually done on a weekly basis.

Feature Writing

If someone wants to learn a creative form of journalism then go for feature writing. It allows writers to express the information or news in a creative and artistic manner. This form of writing is best to lure the audience. Feature writing allows the writer to interview those on whom the writers are writing.

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