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What is food science?

Food science is a field having multiple disciplines which involves chemistry, nutrition, biochemistry, microbiology, technology, and engineering. Understanding of these branches helps in gaining the scientific knowledge which further helps in solving the problems associated with the food system.

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The Importance of Food Safety

It is important to understand the chemistry behind the food components like carbs, protein, water and fats, their processing and storage. Nowadays people are following a healthy diet, and they have become more aware of what to eat and what not. Products like noodles and those high in MSG are harmful for consumption as they contain chemicals. Food science involves testing of food products and then providing fitness certificate to food.

Food preservation is another vital aspect of food science. Packaged foods like vegetables, fruits, and other items are perishable. It is important to preserve them safely. Food science takes care of expiry dates of these items. If you are also willing to go in this field, you may have a great chance of building a successful career in it.

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Branches of food science for which you can get professional assistance

Food Chemistry: food chemistry involves a thorough study of the interaction between biological and chemical components of food. It also involves the phenomenon behind the change in color of the foods and how to prevent it. It also works in the enhancement of the chemical processes by artificially introducing micro-organisms.

Food Physical Chemistry: Food physical chemistry is a study of chemical and physical reactions and interaction of foods. These changes in chemical properties of food take place during the manufacturing, handling, and transportation of food.

Food Engineering: this branch of food science is the unification of science, microbiology, and engineering studies for the betterment of food industries. This branch helps by providing technical support for the production and manufacturing of food. It eliminates useless costs.

Food Microbiology: Food microbiology is the study of the micro-organisms responsible for the creation and contamination of food items. Here in this, you will read about various bacteria and pathogens present in foods. You will get a great knowledge of dairy products.

Food Packaging: This branch contributes to the effective packaging of the food items. The package should also contain nutritional information about the food inside it.

Food Substitution: this area deals with the supplements which can substitute the food for the time being. Energy drinks, supplements, all such items are part of this branch.

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Colleges offering a degree of food science in Australia

Below you can see the top colleges in Australia from where you can get a degree for a food science course.

University Name Course Name Duration
University Name Bachelors of food science 3 Years
Curtin University Bachelors of Nutrition and Food Science 3 Years
Western Sydney University Bachelors of Science (Nutrition and Food Science) 3 Years
University of Queensland Bachelors – Major in food science and technology 4 Years
RMIT University Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy 3 to 4 years
RMIT University Master of food Science and Technology 2 Years

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