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Ecology is a part of biology where scientists carry out scientific research to study the relationship between living organisms and their environment. You can take biology assignment help from the experts to understand the difficult areas of biology. In ecology, the subject study is based on the interaction of biotic and biotic organisms present in the environment. The most common topics in this field are biomass, biodiversity, the organism's population. The ecosystem provides various services that sustain human lives. Biodiversity consist of a variety of species, ecosystems, genes etc. Ecology closely relates to evolutionary biology, genetics. Researchers and ecologists study how biodiversity creates an impact on ecological functions.

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There are various branches of ecology. Below you can see the important branches of ecology according to our expert assignment writers.

Terrestrial Ecology : Terrestrial ecology deals with the land organisms and their interaction among themselves and how they adapt in the environment which surrounds them. Researchers also study the distribution of animals of various kinds into a different environment. Terrestrial ecologists also look after Chemical and physical properties of soil like nutrients, soil type, moisture, PH level etc.

Aquatic ecology : It is just the opposite of terrestrial ecology. In this branch of ecology, researchers do research in the ecosystems found in different water bodies like freshwater, marine water present on the Earth. This branch focuses on the living organism’s interaction with each other in water bodies. How organisms present in aquatic life affecting the whole ecosystem.

Microbial ecology : Microbial ecology is focused on the in-depth research in knowing how the communities of microorganism’s communities themselves set up on the abiotic organisms, and how they interact with each other.

System ecology : Transfer of energy budget allocation, carbon cycle and biogeochemical cycle processes comes under system ecology. It is different than the other branches of psychology as researchers and scientists take help from other subjects like math, computer science. They incorporate the different fields in order to verify the structures and functions of an ecosystem.

Population ecology : One can identify the purpose of this branch with its name. This branch of ecology deals with the population in a given region instead of studying individuals. Various factors come under this while conducting any research. Researchers look out for various factors such as population density, size, how the population is spread in a region and mortality and growth rates.

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