Steven Stafford

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I have a strong knowledge of medical topics such as clear understanding of Clinical Psychology, clinical immunology, ophthalmology and many more. At present, I am working as a Technician at a Hospital for last seven years. I am also active as a  freelancer at AllAssignmenthelp and write assignments and projects for university students. I love to develop an interest in students regarding medical aspects.

Area of Expertise 

  • Effective patient care skills
  • Strong adherence to work ethics
  • Counseling patients on preventive healthcare

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working as a physician at a hospital for last seven years.
  • Working as a freelance writer with AllAssignmenthelp for two years. 
  • Worked as an intern in a hospital for one year

Professional Skills

  • Designed a multitude of assignments for different topics.
  • Created lessons to develop interests in students for physiology.
  • Conducted complete physicals to the patients
  • Counseled and motivated patients for faster recovery 
  • Prescribed routine medication to the assistants
  • Trained new-comers to the field regarding relevant things
  • Diagnosed and treated injuries of the patients
  • Examining patients by taking medical histories
  • Co-ordinating to doctors and nursing staff for better treatment


  • Social service
  • Socializing
  • Traveling

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