Patrick Smith

Expert of Economics with rating 4.8


I have done Ph. D in economics from Florida International University.   I am working as an economics professor. My role is to deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students; to evaluate students' assignments and papers; prepare course materials like homework assignments; maintain student attendance records and to participate in student recruitment and placement activities.

Area of Expertise 

  • Teaching & Evaluation
  • All aspects of economics 
  • Methods of Instruction

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working as an online tutor of economics from last three years
  • Working with as a freelancer for three years
  • Working in a University as economics teacher for twelve years
  • Worked in a University as an associate professor for four years

Professional Skills

  • Serving on administrative or academic committees 
  • Dealing with institutional policies and issues
  • Maintaining regularity in advising and assisting students
  • Researching a particular field of knowledge 
  • Publish the results and findings of research in journals
  • Preparing and delivering lectures to the students on economics
  • Participating in professional conferences to assess teaching methods
  • Compiling bibliographies of specialized materials for reading assignments


  • Teaching
  • Economic News
  • Gardening

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